The One Goal Thread

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Heh, the print-out just reminds me how much work exactly I have to do by next Thursday's deadline! I am certain I won't have done as much as I want, I just hope I've done enough for supervisors to be able to give me decent feedback and to think it's nearly complete. The problem I now have is that my new employers want me to start work on 7 Jan, and in return for starting a couple of weeks earlier than I was expecting, have offered me one week in Jan when they say I can finish my thesis off after getting my supervisors' comments. I can't see how that will be long enough - but I'm going to have to just go with it and hope it is.

It's great that I have a job to go to, but I wish there was just a little more time before I start it!

Good luck with your work today, sounds like you're getting results out, which is great.

Today, I'm working on my final bit of data analysis. I know what I need to do so I just need to plough through the models and see how much I can do in one day.

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Hello all?!

One week to go Batfink! You can do it. Good enough for decent feedback is excellent! That is good about the job, especially if they'll give you a week to finish. Might be helpful to take your mind of thesis for a while then look back at it fresh to complete!

Today I plan to update my lab book and also prepare a bit of a plan for where I want to go next so that I am set in the new year to crack on with things. Fingers crossed!

Good luck today, hope everyone is productive!

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Hope you got plenty done yesterday, Xtiny! I never made it onto this forum but I did get lots of work done so that's the main thing...

Today, I'm pressing on with the final bit of my data analysis. If I'm quick and don't hit any problems there's an outside chance that I could finish it all today, which would be amazing, as then all I'd have left to do is writing up. Fingers crossed I make it! But if I don't do it today, I should definitely manage it tomorrow.

Good luck with your work today, whoever's reading!

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That is great Batfink! How exciting to know today or tomorrow the final bit of data analysis will be done! Well done, all the hardwork has almost paid off. Good luck with the final push.

Today I am trying to sort lots of loose ends out before christmas so there are lots of papers and notes all over my office as I sort through what I need to keep, bin and areas I need to look into. A job I have been putting off for a while. Hopefully it'll get some order into my PhD life though!

Have a productive day everyone!

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Still ploughing away at the writing up. It's a slow process and I'm not sure I'll be as finished as I'd like by Thursday, but I am inching forwards. I'll be so happy when I press 'send' and can take Christmas off!

Hope anyone else who's working today is having a good day!

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Hi All,

I'm new to the thread, and pretty new to the forum, and also new to PhD life. This is the beginning of week 4! I'm still trying to find my feet, but I think my aim for today is to read lots. I am not sure what a realistic target is, but I'm going to say 2 book chapters and 2 journal articles. As well as dealing with some of the admin I need to take care of.

I think I'd like to write 1,000 words this week to start and formulate my thoughts on paper.

Then relax for Christmas!


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Hey Steph! good luck with the PhD!

I'm glad to see my thread is still useful for people. I'm finding it hard to concentrate so near to xmas, so I thought I'd pop on and add a goal for a paper I'm writing today...

So my one goal today is to finish the introduction to the paper (should be a 1 hour job, but we know how these things spiral!)

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Hi Sneaks, good to see you back here again!

And welcome Steph, hope the thread's useful to you.

I'm just keeping going with the writing up. My one goal is to have something vaguely close to finished to send to my supervisors on Thursday. On I go....

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Morning all. Hope you are all reaching your goals. I unfortunately got nothing done yesterday as I appear to have developed an allergy to my contact lenses! Spent all day yesterday getting myself in a mood because I couldn't do any work due as I couldn't really see! So today I am hoping (praying) for twice as much productivity! Have a catch up meeting with Supervisor tomorrow before we break up for xmas so lots to do. I aim to prepare for the meeting which includes writing a draft a4 abstract and notes on my data analysis.

Welcome to the thread mulrine, hope it helps you and hello again Sneaks! Batfink good luck... 2 days to go! Plough on...

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Thanks Xtiny, hope your eyes are feeling better today, that sounds nasty!

Ploughing on. My thesis has broken the 60,000 word mark, which is nice. I'm spending the morning going through from start to finish adding in missing paragraphs, then I'll improve the focus and add some analysis to one of my data chapters, and see how much time is left today after that.

Good luck everyone!

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Congrats on the 60,000 word mark, well done on all your hard work! Hope you managed to get everything done yesterday that you wanted.

I didn't really get much done yesterday, felt miserable and found it really hard to concentrate. Today I need to make my plan for next year air tight and put together a rough outline of how long everything will take to be done before my meeting. Fingers crossed I get organised in time.

Good luck everyone today, especially you Batfink, one day to go!

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Thanks Xtiny! Hope you manage to sort out your plan and the meeting goes well. But look forward to a nice break for Christmas, too - it's important to have time to recharge the batteries.

Final full day today (my deadline is 12 noon tomorrow). I'm doing okay, though. Still to do by tomorrow's deadline:
1.) Finish final section of data chapter I was working on yesterday
2.) Write notes on results up into proper paragraphs in three sections
3.) Complete section about interviews
4.) Write summaries of each chapter
5.) Write bullet-points for discussion/conclusions chapter
6.) Check section/figure/table numbering throughout
7.) Write document for supervisors summarising what still needs to be done

Blimey, that's a lot. But it doesn't feel completely impossible. I never thought I'd be this close to meeting the deadline!

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Four hours to deadline.... Made some good progress already this morning and I have a plan to get the draft thesis into a send-able state. It won't be as finished as I'd have liked, but it isn't a million miles off, so I'm happy with that. The final push....

Good luck today, everyone!

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Done. It's not as finished as I would have liked, but it's finished enough. Sent it in just before 12, then sat in a daze! Very very tired now. But my Christmas break starts here!

Good luck with the work everyone, have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year!

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Congratulations Batfink!!! I hope you went for a long nap after it was done, you can relax for christmas now. Hope it feels like a weight of your shoulders (though from my friends who have previously handed in drafts/final thesis this doesn't happen seemingly) and you can enjoy christmas!

Today I had plans to tie up some loose ends etc but my eye is bothering me again so I am trying to get an opticians appointment so today may be a right off!

I hope everyone takes some time off for Christmas and New Year and have a lovely holiday!