The One Goal Thread


Yes everyone has bigger aims, hope working hard to achieve it. Good luck for everyone.

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Happy New Year everybody!!! I hope you all had a good holiday season and took some time off to enjoy time with family and friends. Today is my first proper day back and I intend 2013 to be a very productive one. I have an abstract for a conference to submit today and I also want to make sure I have a solid plan mapped out for this year! Good luck for a productive dayt today everyone.


Hi all

Thought I'd bump thread a bit but also introduce myself and my goals. I've been lurking on this thread for a little while and I have found it really interesting to see how much you manage to get done in a day and also how you approach the issues of motivation and enthusiasm every day.
So, on to me and my goals. This year I plan to be accepted onto the EdD part time course at Exeter University. The aim is to be accepted and then being the course in July. I'm really looking forward to getting started and can't wait for the week residential in July that will kick start everything. In the meantime though I am trying to get onto the course. I intend to teach full time whilst completing the course and whilst I know this will be a huge amount of work I don't have kids yet and I do have the best fiancee in the world who is incredibly supportive of my dreams. So the plan for today and the week really is to complete my application and upload it onto the online application process.

Hope 2013 is going well for all so far.


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Hi feelingfestive!

Welcome to the thread, I got involved because even though I plan to do lots in my head I always find ways to procrastinate and by putting my goals on here at least I feel somewhat accountable for them!

Today I aim to get 3 experiments run and I had also hoped to get some of my data analysis sorted out. However, my experiments have started somewhat later than I had hoped so I may not achieve that today!

Good luck for your application!


So judging by the 10-month silence online, no one's made any attempts to make and stick to achievable goals for a day? ;]


Hi all,
I am new here, but I have been reading this forum since years. I am towards the end of my PhD (hopefully), and would like to join and hope others would join too.
Tonight, I would like to code 2 pieces of documents!
Good luck for all


found this video really helpful!
changes your perspective and has helpful tips x