thesis corrrections nightmare - anyone else had this?


Hi folks, I've read some fantastic advice on this forum and I'm hoping someone out there might be able to suggest what I can try next with this bizarre scenario.

So I successfully passed my viva a couple of months ago, yay! 4 years hard graft over - champagne....etc.....! I'm in a new job at a different uni and all is going well.

Except I still havent received my official corrections from the examiners, the internal hasnt done his report (or the corrections) and is ignoring calls from my supervisor! The uni exams office is aware and have emailed said examiner but no response.

has anyone else had a naughty examiner like this - what did you do?



Your university should have a protocol in which timeframes for thesis corrections, submissions, etc. are set out. If the exams office are onto it, there's not much you can do. Enjoy your time not thinking about them.

My examiner was super efficient and sent them to me the day after my viva. I have just submitted them but she is the sort of person who wants blood out of a stone. It never ends, even months after viva.


Hmmm... you passed your viva and got a job, sounds more like a dream than a nightmare to me!!!

Just kidding... sort of ;-) It must be annoying though, is it going to delay your graduation?