Third class honours in biosciences


I'm 26 and recently have finished with a third class honours in Human Biosciences. I recently had a job in admin in pharmaceuticals and hated it. it was little more than data entry. I really don't know what to do next as i consulted Prospects and they basically said i couldn't hope for better than the job i had. Is further study or grad schemes possible? At the moment my degree seems a big waste of time and money.


If you can get onto a Masters course (more money you'll have to spend...) and do well in that you stand a much better chance.


You're only 26, so you musnt't give up. My supervisor was passing as I read your message and he gave some thoughts: that, obviously, if you had applied for a PhD straight after graduating with a 3rd, you would probably not be able to compete with 1st class applicants. But a 3rd with work experience in the pharmaceutical field - even admin - is a different matter. Coastman is right about the Masters: even if you have to pay fees, it's better to be short of money for a couple of years now than do a job you don't like for the long term.

Two people in the Pharmacy school here got 3rds originally, but topped it up with Master degrees and now they're Drs, no-one cares about the 3rd class Bachelors anymore.


I have thought of a masters but i do feel that i should really decide on a career before i jump head first in to a considerable debt. At the moment i couldn't afford the fees let alone the living costs. Plus it was the Lab skills that let me down, not really one of my strengths as it turned out.


Hi guys...I'm a final year BSc student in biochemistry and I was thinking of doing a masters as well. Although my final exams are not here yet (I do hope for 2i but I've been getting an average of low 2ii for the past 2 years), I was wondering about the chances of a person with 2ii or even a 3rd class degree holder in applying for a masters. Most masters have a requirement of at least a 2i, especially those involving research (which is crucial for biosciences?)? Any thoughts?


I have looked at a lot of masters courses and most want at least a 2:2 or higher. After talking to course tutors on courses i have been interested in, it is difficult to get on to Masters without a 2:2 but not impossible, there are post grad diplomas that lead to masters or a lot of work experience and committment can persuade admissions of your merit too. However think carefully. Quite a number of my friends have done masters and have said that if you struggle with your degree, the masters is alot harder than a degree.


having a third is no barrier to getting onto a masters, especially if there has been a gap between finishing your degree and applying.

i have a third and have over the years have applied for 3 masters and been accepted for them all, however i only took up the one im currently doing.

even if the stated entry qualifications for a course rule you out, dont let that put you off, as the requirements for my course was a minimun 2:2 yet i still managed to get in and i do know i am not unique in this respect.

the best advice i can give if your going to do this, is to try and speak to the course/admissions tutor before applying, i done this and i beleive it made the difference.


Completely agree with you leigh1. I received a third class for my undergraduate degree and I thought it was the end of the world. I did some enquiring to potential schools I wanted to attend for a Masters. Lo and behold, two Masters (with a Distinction in one of them) later and I am a Research fellow at Harvard Medical School with plans of embarking on a Ph.D. next year. I guess what I'm saying is don't give up hope.


Having a healthy bank balance helps greatly too.


My masters stipluted 2.i entry requirements and theres a few 2.ii's and at least one guy with a 3rd, so your options may be less limited than at first glance


Hi Yafesi, may I ask you which university did you attend for your undergraduate degree? Then, which two universities for your two Masters? What are you majoring? Medicine?

Hi Danny, which course and university for the Masters degree you are talking about?


Its all down to money the uni requires the money...


Have you considered doing a masters degree in a field other than the biosciences?


I too have a third class degree and very much gave up the hope of going further. I had been working in the food industry for about seven years when I have the change to do a part time MSc which I have now passed and am currently putting a proposal together for a PhD.

The course tutors were initially worried about my academic qualification but the industrial experiance is what got me on the course.


juno that's nonsense, in order to get onto a masters you need at least a 2:2 (if not a 2:1). And when appying for a PhD the undergrad classification is taken into consideration.