This country is ruining my confidence


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I feel that since I've been studying in the UK my confidence is going down. People are so cold and difficult to interact with. My phd hasn't helped either. The never ending critique and appointments with people who can't get past my not being British when dealing with isses I raise doesn't help either.

Don't like it, leave. You haven't actually raised any issues, just change in culture. You should be glad you got a PhD when many haven't. Anyway there are international socs at unis. I find some people have been cold towards me also and I'm British. Oh well, I'm better off not being friends with them.

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Well maybe not burn it: the big dirty C word worked miracles for Cuba.


I am sorry to hear about your experiences Jojo. I am in a large department in the UK with over 80 PhD students from all over the world, and we all get on together brilliantly. We all spend a lot of time together outside work too, there are no barriers when it comes to working or socialising together. It is great to have people from different countries and cultures working in the department, and some of my best friends here are from overseas. I know that most of these people (at least those with whom I have spoken) are very happy here, and are hoping to stay in the UK following their PhD. I am not trying to undermine your experiences at all- clearly your experience in the UK is very different from the people I know, but I certainly don't think it can be generalised to many people who are completing their studies here. I hope things become easier for you. KB


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Well maybe not burn it: the big dirty C word worked miracles for Cuba.

Exactly! At least there students don't have to worry about finances as education up to PhD level is free.  And it has paid dividends as the country only has 2% of Latin America's population but 11% of their scientists, leading to successes like meningitis vaccines.


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