Thrown out of PhD


Could someone kindly explain the regulations when it comes to the ease of being thrown out when it comes to a PhD assuming someone has passed the probation


I don't think you're likely to get any different advice to what you got on your other thread. You should really consider going to student services or the equivalent, you will get much more specific advice for your situation. Good luck, hope you get it sorted.


what i mean is in general if there is no official disciplinary compaint is the only time you can get done the progression?


Come on don’t worry and get rid of your thoughts on being thrown out from Phd..Always put yourself in the other person’s shoe. Neither you supervisors nor Research committee members would like to see the research candidate to be thrown out. They gain nothing. In fact, more paper work the research committee and supervisor have to deal with. Instead of worrying on that, might as well, dump the thoughts and spend more time thinking about how to improve your research. Strive hard to complete on time. Make yourself some deadlines to complete chapters, etc.
Hv a luvly Christmas my dear researcher folks, and wonderful Happy New year too.


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You have your answers Scared - please stop worrying. Re the regulations, all unis are different so we can't possibly answer anyway as we don't know which uni you attend. Check your student handbook or your website, all of the regs will be there - this is something we can't help you with and you really mustn't dwell on it. Just get on and enjoy your time as unless there is something you haven't told us the chances of you being thrown out are very remote!


First, I think something's hit our forum.Maybe it's to do with the holidays and all the cheer (or the lack of it) making us all go loony, but here again like on another thread. STOP. please speak to LOCAL 'experts' (read friends, fellow dept folks, university people) people who are not going to have to sit around on a forum and give their advice on what COULD be the case with a case which they know nothing about. SPEAK with LOCAL people, READ guidebooks and legislations and regulations LINE by LINE.

And I think this forum has exhausted its capacity to offer your advice based on nothing but tentative guessing as to what the situation on the ground could possibly be.


Agreed PhDbug. Scared, you need to get a grip. Enough with the panic session. It's highly unlikely you are about to be flung off your course so stop fluttering about in a fluff and go and do some work. If you're that worried, go and see your supervisor.


Yes, your PhD candidature can be terminated anytime, even after a successful upgrade. Mine was terminated last week after 5 years! Contrary to popular belief that the university has duty of care towards students, but when the chips are down, the boys will pull rank, ignore their shortcomings and brand the student as "difficult" and "unreasonable". Of course, the student can appeal on the grounds of adverse academic decisions. But do you really want to clean house for the university?
Best advice I can give is, if you have problems with your supervisors, call it a day after the upgrade and continue your research in another institution. Things don't get better with time. In truth, it can only get worse. Trust your instincts and "do the right thing" (oops, starting to sound like Tony Blair!)


As written several times previously by others (PhDbug specifically), every uni is different. Go to the Student Union in your uni to get free advice (but be straightforward and honest ... without being crude, we can only get your side of the story and therefore I would think it would be unwise and potentially damaging to suggest drastic actions at this point). First of all, stop panaicing and then go to some post-grad rep at your college who should at least put you in touch with someone in the know. No supervisor would want to needlessly get rid of a student, especially one who will be producing papers soon.

Talk to a local expert about this as they would also know the people involved and the inner workings of your college.
Sorry folks if repeating the thoughts of someone else.


basically nobody has tried to get me deregistered (at least yet). I have received 2 sets of answers from this forum most ppl have told me to start getting official processes moving. The main problem has been a postdoc stirring up trouble as he is leaving in March hates me and has nothng to loose. My supervisor never quite told me exactly what was said to him and to that he would tell me in March when he leaves. All he said was to stay well clear as I have a lot more to loose. There were also allegations (I assume) by this person that he wrote a program for my work which could have led to at least a conference paper. So I was kind of told to make it different and more solid.

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Have to say Scared, that I know people who have computer programs written for them/with them and even if its only a few days of help they tend to offer a co-authorship on all related publications/conference presentations. If it were me, I would offer the bloke this as an olive branch. I can kinda see why he;s annoyed.


Quote From scared:

Could someone kindly explain the regulations when it comes to the ease of being thrown out when it comes to a PhD assuming someone has passed the probation

Scared, how come you have had that experience?