toothache driving me crazy!!!!!!!


I don't understand, I brush and floss, and still...ouch. Can't even tell what tooth/teeth it is. Just general ache. Got three hours sleep last night. I am so doped on Nurofen etc it isn't even working anymore...

**** it hurts so much! :( I can barely sleep, drink, eat, or think yet alone write...

At least I managed to get an appointment for Weds morning.

Could have done without paying for dental treatment (even with the NHS it will be expensive, for a student)....still worth paying so I can think straight again....

I really need to write. I just can't....might try and sleep and see if I wake up feeling a bit better.


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Ouch, my sympathies! I have a wisdom tooth that's been trying to come through for a couple of weeks now (it tries this a couple of times a year and never manages to get through...) so I have a little idea of what you're feeling (sounds like your pain's way worse though!). I'm also insomniac so sympathies on the sleep deprivation too, there's nothing makes me more grumpy and less inclined to work than not getting a decent night's sleep. Hope you're better soon!


Hi! Are your wisdoms coming through? If so, they might be putting pressure on your other teeth causing them to move slightly. This could be causing the general ache. I don't know if you had braces when you were younger, but it might feel a bit like that? Toothache is the WORST. Hope you're feeling better.


Poor you! Toothache is truly horrid. I take it there isn't an emergency service that can see you today if you're in pain?

As for managing, are you just taking ibuprofen? When my tooth was bad I took Paramol (paracetamol plus dihydrocodeine - strongest OTC painkiller and very good) and ibuprofen round the clock. Clove oil can be good too, or as a last resort, hold some strong alcohol (whisky's good) in your mouth to numb the sore area.

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If you're stressed it might be thatyou are grinding your teeth at night. I nearly had a toothe rmoved by a dodgy dentist once , because it ached so much, but on second opinion it turned that my stressed out tooth grinding, and not decay was the issue.

I have tooth ache at the moment, decay due to a dodgy, hard to clean filling, and my dentists says that tooth ache comes intermittently at tfirst, if it is due to decay, and only after some time takes up full time residence.

Good luck, can only recomend Ibuprofen, and asparin works for me too. X


Poor you! I can understand how you are feeling, as recenlty I had a root canal treatment (is this the right term????)...
My tooth should have been removed, but because I am so unlucky and my dad is my dentist, he decided that it could be saved and I had to go through extreme pain!!!!!!
But now it i s over....
I would advice paracetamol and, if you can find any, Ouzo (you know the Greek drink) on the tooth.. ;-)


Oh, this sounds terrible. My mum swears by gurgling/swishing round aloe vera gel in her mouth whenever she's had toothache...
Hope you feel better soon!


I can really sympathise with you, I have a wisdom tooth coming through at the moment and its so sore, I don't think there's enough space for it either and its making my throat and ear painful too. I've just been taking 2 ibuprofen every 4 hours and that seems to take the edge off it, I also have something that tastes very alcoholic in a tiny bottle from Boots, can't remember what its called but I apply it every few hours and that numbs it a bit. Hope your teeth feel better soon!


sonds like misery chrisrolinksi, all i can say is, you can combine taking paracetamol and neurofen (ie one paracetamol, 2 hours later, one neurofen, 2 hours later, one paracetamol etc) and numb it with clove oil, the adult bonjela is actually really good, better than the normal kids one, and plenty of whiskey (drink it, but it helps the pain too!) and an evening off feeling sorry for yoursefl watching movies etc, you deserve it!


(((((((((((((((biggest hugs))))))))))))))))))))))) really feel for you - utter nightmare xxxx


Suck on a clove on the side of the mouth the pain is - if you have clove oil, directly add some to the tooth.

I'm shocked that you have to wait until Wednesday, is that normal for the NHS? I've only ever been a private patient (apart from pre-18) so no idea.

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As others have said clove oil is great for this, although if you can't stand the taste then use bonjella.

Go to the doctors on Tuesday and ask for Co-codamol to take away the general pain and diclofenac sodium to take away any swelling - they might knock you out but it will get rid of the pain and the co-codamol will help you sleep. I take about 12 co-codamol a day and 4 diclofenac + a range of other meds and they make me very sleepy!


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Thank you for all the posts - following the mention of co-codomal I went to the pharmacy and got some. I had been feverish all morning, but slept like a baby this afternoon (thank you co-codomal!) and woke about an hour ago with a slight headache but no tooth pain!

I had braces between the age of 16 and 20 and this gave me straight teeth but a slew of problems includin trigemninal neuralgia. I haven't had it for years - and think that the current problem is either dental or stress induced. I do worry about my enamel however, it has got rather thin the last few years and is almost translucent in points. I rarely ever eat sweets and never have fizzy pop - so I think it might be the acidity from all the tea I drink (10-12 cups a day). I have had none today. I suspect that too I am a grinder. I will see what the dentist says.

Anyway, I feel much better for the co-codomal and can actually eat and drink and sleep!

Tmrw I might actually get some work done! And then on Wednesday, the dentists drill!


Codeine is great, but remember 10% of it is metabolised as morphine and it is this that leads to it's mechanism of action. Codeine can make you feel nauseous, sluggish, tired, constipated and can cause urinary retention. It can also become addictive if you take it for long enough. So take it easy with them, and I hope that toothache of yours is sorted soon. We don't even have an available NHS dentist where I live, so I think you're lucky.


Thanks Wally. Yes, I shan't exceed the limits. (from your description, I'm guessing you are a pharmacology or chemistry PhD?)

And yes, even though I have been taken on as a fee-paying NHS patient, I am lucky that even these spaces were available, especially in a large city.