Undergraduate nostalgia?


Hi everyone,

So for the past week been feeling incredibly nostalgic (in a very good way) about my undergrad - the place, the people, the lifestyle, the freedom, the feelings of fear and excitement of moving away and making new friends, of partying all night, skipping lectures, of growing up. I started in '05 and graduated a couple of years ago. I've always had fond memories, but the past week or two the memories are getting stronger and more emotional and I dont know why. Can tell if its a good or a bad thing :$ Could be because PhD life is so completely different (for me, anyway) - I'm almost 2 years into the dreaded PhD :-(. Made me wonder, does anyone else get these fond, emotional memories of their undergrad days?

Love to hear all your thoughts!
all the best,


I have amazing memories of my time as an UG. It was three of the best years of my life. I met some people who are still good friends. Was great being able to go out every night of the week. But still managed to do enough work to walk away with a good degree. Only blight really was that I spent my third year going out with a guy I didn't really want to be with, but he lived in a different city so I could ignore hime most the time :$

But I don't feel emotionally nostalgic about it. Maybe because I still see quite a few people from uni on a semi regular basis and when we get together we act like we're 19 again!. Life has been very different as a PhD-er. Much more responsibility and work!

I get more nostalgic about the year after my degree when I worked full time in a bar. Probably because my life is so different now, and although I'm kinda in contact with the people I met then we're not really friends anymore.


i was virtually an alcholic in first year so i have mixed memories but i adored second and third year. i did a masters straight after which was tough but ive just completed another in a different subject and it was the best year of my entire uni life!!!

i miss drinking my student loan!


I can totally relate.
I'm about to start my PhD. Spent the last 6 months abroad for my Master thesis, so I'm basically finished and left my University City 6 months ago.
I really miss my BSc and MSc years already. Had a great flat, a broad range of friends I could rely on and I had time to exercise and read up on stuff I was interested on besides University stuff.
Already learned during my Master project now that time is scarce and there is not much time besides work, as you have to do some other stuff (literature research etc.) at home, as you don't have time during work hours....

I actually kinda fear the next 4 years. I don't want to be isolated and wake up after 4 years and realise I haven't seen any of my PhD country and haven't made new friends...


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what's ur phd in podge (if you don't mind me asking)? mine is a three year one in journalism, i live in fear of isolation as well!!


Biomedical science :)


Hey Catalinbond, Podge and Twanky,

Sounds like you guys had an amazing time in your UG and Masters! :-) Its great you have good memories to hold onto!

Podge and Twanky, I didnt mean to worry you about PhD life with my post - its not all doom and gloom! I was also worried when i started that it would be isolating and lonely and that it would be hard to make friends, but one thing thats advantageous is that you will have a lab/office 'base' which to network and make friends with other PhDs (My labmates are awesome have become very close friends :-)). And I recommend joining one or two societies - especially a sports one - its an instant group of new friends, many of whom are there to make friends too, and will keep you occupied one or two nights a week and keep you fit and distracted from the PhD! Also, Podge, dont panic that you will have to work 24 hours a day - its true sometimes when you have lots of experiments or a report due, etc. you find yourself working many hours, in the lab or at home, but it comes in waves and most of the time you can easily get work done in 9-5 and have the evenings / weekends free (at least in my experience of a lab-based PhD)! :-).

Whereabouts are you guys starting your PhDs? (dont worry if you dont want to say!)




that sounds reasonable. Glad you had positive experiences so far in your PhD :)
King's college I'll be at. You there as well by any chance?


hey seven, podge!

im studying at the centre for media research in the uni of ulster, previously studied at queen's though. how's ur phd going? mine is in journalism and media! mental!