viva coming soon...


any tips? what is usually asked most? what should i focus on proving most?

please help!!


can't give you definitive answers as everybody's viva is different but what I did was read, read, read the thesis itself. If all else fails, you must know your own thesis. Then I tried (not wholly successfully) to ensure that I knew all the literature I had cited. Ask yourself and then try to verbalise: what you did, how you did it, originality/contribution to knowledge and what you might do differently and any possible limitations. Finally I was told to know how your work fits into the big picture (this I found difficult).

Best of luck with it (up)


Hi Billy,

I know I'm not the best to answer this as I'm not there yet, & many others will have much sharper advice, but I do know from this forum that 5 key questions are: 1) originality, 2) contributions to knowledge, 3) methodology, 4) weaknesses or gaps & 5) what you would do differently if given the change to repeat. I've also known questions around purpose of research & what have you learned.

There are a number of posts here recently from those who have had successful vivas recently & posted lots of good tips so it's worth a hunt.

Good luck! Take water, keep breathing & remember you're the expert. Let us know how it goes, Mog (up)


Good Lucjk,
If you search Viva on the main forum lots comes up from people who have asked a similar question.