Viva less than 24 hours!!!


Hi my PhD family. The verdict will soon be pronounced. I had a mock viva on Monday which helped to ease my nerves. I realized that mostly you need to know what you have written. I am a bit relaxed today coz there isn't much I can do anymore. I cant concentrate much. I am too excited though. We all deserve to applaud ourselves for embarking on this journey.

Cheers. Kellykel


Good luck Kellykel!!! Chill out today... like you said there isn't much more you can do! Tomorrow will fly by... enjoy it!! It's a terrifying experience until you get in the room. Remember you are the expert in your research!

Fingers crossed for a positive verdict!! I'm now off to pick up my hardbound copies of my thesis...


woooooo I really hope it goes well!! Just chill for today, for there will be partying to be had tomorrow!!