Viva on Friday


This forum has been such a supportive place, I want to make one final (pre-viva) post.

Over the past few weeks I've compiled a list of typographical and grammatical errors (which is shamefully long!).

I've read through all 450 pages of the thesis and noted anything I feel I might be asked to explain.

I've compiled a list of around 75 questions I could be asked and rehearsed answers to this.

I've scanned the literature for recent papers by my examiners and recent papers in my topic/theoretical framework.

I've had 3 mock viva with different people including one of my supervisors.

Despite all of the above I'm terrified about the process and the outcome and have had nightmares about the thing several nights.

I have my outfit ready too.

Any final tips in the final few days are very welcome!

Best wishes,



Good luck GM! Sounds like you are all set - look forward to hearing how it goes!


You sound very well prepared! You will be fine :)

Remember to try and enjoy the process, and that examiners are not looking to trip you up. They just want you to argue your case, and present justification for your choices :)


You sound more prepared than I was! Good luck - and remember to eat some breakfast!


Good luck GrumpyMule! You sound very well prepared. I can't think of anything I would add to your list. I completely understand your terror. I had a nightmare about the viva the day I submitted my abstract to a potential external examiner and I think fear is causing me to delay completing my thesis. Let us know the outcome!


Thanks everyone for all your words of support and encouragement - is helping ease the stress a little!

What hasn't helped is seeing my supervisor today who after agreeing my thesis was ready for submission, has said today to "expect a challenge - I don't know what they're going to make of it or what they might ask you".

I didn't find that particularly helpful after saying I felt well-prepared but very apprehensive :(

We shall see what happens!

I'll most certainly report back. I know how helpful it has been for me to read of others experiences so good or bad I'll come back to share my viva experience :)



Might just have been some clumsy wording on your supervisor's part, GM - not very helpful! If they had any major concerns about your thesis, they wouldn't have given the go-ahead for submission.

Good luck and hope you get a decent rest tonight!


Hope it went well!