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Hello all,

Finally I defended my thesis yesterday. It is in human rights law.
The defence lasted about two and half hours. It started with a presentation for 20 min. Then each member of the jury had 30 min to ask. In the first few seconds I was really stressed. I started to talk but I really did not know what I said. Then I concentrated on my presentation and every things went well. My husband and my friends told me they did not notice the problem in the first seconds.
The members of the jury did not ask any of the questions I had prepared. Some of the questions were really hard. I gave clear and short answers and supports my views with examples. I was not really satisfied with my replies because I considered them as general information that any doctor in human rights knows. But my fellow students told me I was great.
My closest friend was setting near me so when I needed encouragement, I looked at her. This helped me to relax. The jury members were very friendly. They gave me positive comments on the thesis from the first moments which is unusual. I left the rome for 30 min then the jury called me with the audience and announced that I passed with grade "tres bien" or very good.
My main advice, knonw the weakness of your thesis because the questions would be about them and rely on your mide to reply.

Good luck all


Only just spotted this. Congratulations again. It sounds like you did brilliantly. Thanks for keeping us posted :)


Congratulations Emaa!


Congratulations Emaa,
Just out of curiosity, would you be in position to share with us the country where your university is based, the set up of the viva sounds different from the UK setup.
Congrats once more


Thank you all. My university is in Switzerland. The university of Geneva.


Oh Congrats Dr Emma!!! I am so happy for you :) You managed well inspite of family with kinds. An another successful story added in the forum :)


Thank you Silverlining. I want to thank this forum and all the kind persons who helped me in any manner, sending articles or giving advice.


Congrats Dr Emaa!!


Congratulations Dr Emaa! You're an inspiration to those of us who are dreading the viva!


Thank you all the viva is one of the greatest events, if not the greatest event, in a PhD candidate's life. The night before the viva I could sleep very well, but the night after I couldn't. All the night I was thinking about the viva, the questions and the positive words of the jury members. I hope soon all of you pass this great event

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Congratulation Emma!
"All the night I was thinking about the viva, the questions and the positive words of the jury members. I hope soon all of you pass this great event"

Can't wait till the day I submit my thesis. I also will stay up of happiness, the night after.


Woo hoo Dr Emaa, I'm delighted for you - you worked so hard and it's really well deserved. I'm chuffed :)


Wow the viva in Switzerland sounds brutal! Congratulations!


Congratulations, Dr Emaa! :)


Thank you all :)