Waiting for examiners verdict (post viva)


Hi Pineapple, just wanted to check in with you again.

Your examiners at viva were very positive about your original thesis and just wanted substantial revisions. I seriously doubt they would have conveyed this positive response if they though it was touch and go for MPhil. If you have addressed all of their concerns systematically and thoroughly I don’t see how your result can be anything other than positive. You may have a few minor things to do here and there but these can be cleared up with minimal effort.

Sometimes these things can take a while, for reasons already identified here. However you were given an anticipated outcome for end of Oct, and it is now way past that .. all you want to know is whether or not you can expect a result before Xmas. Given that they’ve had 4 months – for a resubmission, not even a first reading - I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask that at this time. If your examiners said it was Ok to contact them, request your internal’s contact details (your department should have them) and politely inquire where they are at. If I received a simple enquiry like that I’d be OK with it.

One word of caution though. Keep on your supervisors’ good sides – whilst they might not have been optimally supportive and deserve a rocket (If it was my PhD student kept waiting so long this I’d be demanding answers!) they will most likely write your references, be on papers you write, etc. Keep them sweet - at least until you’re further down the line!

I genuinely think you will be OK, it sounds to me more like someone simply just hasn’t got their a**e into gear rather than there being specific issues with your work. This is common and academics often don’t think that somewhere out there is a nervous candidate trying to move forward – they’re just concerned with marking, their own research, whatever. Hope you hear soon and good luck with your interviews!


Thanks Kronkodile for your message. Very helpful!

Postgraduate office now closed for Christmas and supervisors now on annual leave. No more updates other than to simply 'hang in there' and wait. Unless I hear otherwise, will have to wait until 2013 for any news.

Unsuccessful with yesterdays interview, although not that upset given very low salary, only a 3 month contract and long commuting distance.

Will need to try and pull myself together and focus for next interview.

The wait continues.


Oh that's ridiculous. I'm so sorry you're going through this wait. It really is most unreasonable.

I'm glad you're getting interviews and having something else to focus on. I think you're doing the right thing by focussing on that.

But Grrrr! Not fun :-(

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I would like to think that the examiners should realise the immense anxiety you are experiencing. Surely they will not keep you waiting until after Christmas??????? Is there a way you can check the guidelines for the examiners set out by the university? Within my institution is stated a decision must have been reached within 6 weeks of them receiving the thesis (I would give a few weeks over depending on when thesis was submmitted). In your case they have had more than enough time!! This is a disgrace and I really feel for you. I would be beyond anxious now and just getting angry!! In fact as someone who went through the resubmission process I feel really angry on your behalf haha!! :)

I totally agree with this. But rushing them into the wrong decision I'd be wary of.

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)

Forget what I said, given you've now to wait for another month I think it's time to seek advice. Even if you don't act at this stage or immediately after the beginning of the new term, a chat with a solicitor I believe is now in order.

The wait is now way beyond reasonable. I know of no-one being made to wait this long.

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)


Thanks everyone. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this is unreasonable and ridiculous. Hadn't thought about seeking legal advice. I don't think I'm allowed to contact my examiners.

Looks as if all chasing for a decision is coming from the postgrad office (and not my supervisors), but due to annual leave etc, I'll probably have to wait until January. It feels like my university department have completely washed their hands of me, so feeling very isolated and alone with this. I'm deliberately keeping all contact as emotive free and cool as possible. I'm not harassing them by any means, but does feel like I'm all alone with this.

I'm just exhausted! This waiting stress has sapped all the energy out of me to the point where I don't think I can go to this research assistant job interview on Monday. I know how difficult it is to obtain interviews, so feel I should go to this interview, but if I go, their likely to spot something is wrong under the surface and not sure if I'm ready for another rejection! I've got two other psychology related jobs, but this research post is for a longer contract, more money and closer to home. Will have a think about whether to attend this interview or not.

Wait continues, but thank you all for your support.


Oh Pineapple. When I finally got a chance to come back to the forum I thought I'd find good news about you. Instead they're still keeping you on tenterhooks. It's inconsiderate, inefficient and cruel. I'm beginning to suspect that you might be at my university, which is also slow and inconsiderate. They made me wait seven months for my viva, then held it on my birthday, didn't wish me a happy birthday, and two months later still haven't sent me my list of 'minor corrections', thereby keeping me in limbo and unable to get cracking on this nonsense. Yes, maybe you and I are dealing with the same cold slow people.

Sending you lots and lots of good vibes and best wishes for this outcome (and for these heartless creatures to get off their keisters).

Good luck from a fellow academic sufferer! -Ants.


Please attend the interview. It's horrid and stressful but please take the plunge. If they reject you it will be because these university people have drained you so much and it won't have been your fault. Go in there proud that you're bravely facing this challenge despite how you feel. Best of luck - Ants (the student who isn't allowed to cease being a student - EVER).


Thanks Ant, maybe we're at the same uni. :)


Went to the interview yesterday, but probably unsuccessful as they said they would only contact the successful applicant. So, four unsuccessful researcher interviews in just under 2 months. They only interviewed 4 people out of 200+ applicants, so whilst I'm happy to be shortlisted, still disappointing nevertheless.

I'm always asked questions on why this PhD is taking so long. Very frustrating! But, I can understand why the interviewer would prefer someone with a completed PhD rather than an applicant like me still working on a PhD after 5 years!

Still waiting and jumping everytime my laptop notifies me of a new email. Perhaps it's time to close my email inbox!

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Quote From Pineapple65:
The post-grad office has been in touch and said again 'hang in there'. The newly appointed examiners are again rechecking my word count after the old examiners died of old age. I'm also onto my third pair of supervisors.

I'm due to collect my first pension next week and I'm in for a hip replacement in about two months after all the years shuttling between my department and post-grad office trying to find out what's happening.

I never thought I'd still be waiting for my result approaching Christmas 2047.

Wait continues, but thank you all for your support.

Boy it has been a long wait!!! :-/

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)

(P.S. Hope the above cheers you up and gives you a smile. Come end of January, you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about. I hope January 2013!!!)


It's official, news from supervisor, will have to wait for after Christmas for results. :'( Would like to think they would inform me of results in January, but not going to get my hopes up. Well, at least I can close my emails now and try and focus on other things.


Ian - :-D

Pineapple - really sorry you still haven't got the result. Hope you can enjoy Christmas without dwelling on it all the time - difficult I know!


I can't believe this. But as you say, try to focus on other things. Try to enjoy the holidays as much as you can- if nothing else than to relax and take a bit of a breather from the stress of it all. I really do wish you all the best for January as I am sure they could not possibly justify keeping you waiting beyond the end of the month.



Hi Pineapple, Just adding my voice to the chorus of people wishing you well. Every time I see the message bumped to the top of the page I think 'yes, this is it, Pineapple's done with this thing!'. I really feel for you and I agree that all the people involved in processing this should be ashamed. No-one should be left waiting this long. You've shown time and time again how resilient you are. You're a very strong person. Hold firm and try relax and enjoy the holiday period. I would've flipped my lid ages ago and have spammed everyone's inboxes until the gave me an answer ;-) Wishing you strength and support. All the best, J



thinking of you pineapple... hang in there.. :)