Waiting for examiners verdict (post viva)

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Thank you :) I'm happy to work on some additional corrections in order to obtain my PhD qualification in the summer. I only hope their not deciding on a more sinister outcome (MPhil or outright fail), although helpfully reassured from this thread this is perhaps unlikely. We shall see.

I sent my compliant to various people very early this morning. A few hours after my compliant, I received a detailed update from the postgraduate office. From the email, the postgraduate office received regular updates and apologies from examiners prior to Christmas but the postgrad office (and my supervisors) failed to keep me in the loop- well, excluding the apology from my supervisor on the final day of last term.

Hopefully 'very soon' means today or in the next few days....

So you did kick their a**ses into gear?


Ian (Mackem_Beefy)

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My compliant may have alerted someone to provide me with some updates or may have been a complete coincidence (given my mid August resubmission date).

I feel badly let down by my supervisory team and university, with virtually no support during this wait, very poor communication on relevant updates and almost no consideration to immense stress, anger and anxiety this has caused- not to mention adverse impact on my career (considering four researcher/post doc job interview rejections in 2mths). Unfairly raising my expectations to expect a result in October, which then changed to December (ie 'expect result any day now'), only to be left still waiting in mid January is tantalizingly cruel and unprofessional.I'm struggling to focus on anything else knowing this result is imminent, so in a little bit of a tearful mess at the moment.

On the bright side, I think I've shown strength of character, restraint, patience and steely determination in withstanding this stress and strain of the unknown, especially given lack of support from my university. I've managed to contain my stress and anxiety away from my family and most of my friends by not discussing my concerns with them which is something I guess! (Family will put unnecessary pressure on me, so tried to minimize more stress!). I've also learnt about impact on unexpected delays as well as to keep things really simple for my next professional psychology doctorate thesis (my PhD thesis is very ambitious and complex), so all in all, a big learning curve.

I can only hope there's good news at the end of this tunnel, hopefully in the shape of minor corrections.

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I know I can't do this in person, but metaphorically speaking, masses of hugs to hopefully take the tears away!!! :-)

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)


Quote From Mackem_Beefy:

I know I can't do this in person, but metaphorically speaking, masses of hugs to hopefully take the tears away!!! :-)

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)

Thanks Ian! Much appreciated.

I'm feeling better this evening after a long walk along the beach to relax! Good stuff :)

As said previously, thanks for the support x


News at long last.

Awarded PhD subject to completing some minor corrections.

MASSIVE thank you for everyone supporting me along this journey.

Seriously can't believe it! xxx


Congratulations Pineapple, you've certainly earned it.


Oh my goodness Dr Pineapple!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super happy for you!!!!!! You deserve it :)

Well done x

P.s you need a new post to announce this haha- everyone has been waiting ;)


Fantastic! Really pleased for you Dr Pineapple!!


Aha, they finally came through. What a long wait! I've been keeping track of your saga and getting angry on your behalf, so I'm relieved to see that they had the decency to contact you finally. Well, now we're in the same boat with minor corrections. Let's make a pact of blood to get cracking on them and have them finished and OVER soon! Lots of good wishes - Ants.