Waiting for Result After Minor Revisions


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Hello, I am sorry you are still waiting. I know its a very difficult situation and I hope that they can sort this out ASAP.
All the best, I think you will get your PhD after the minor revision that you already did. May be your examiner is really sick and may be was admitted to the hospital ,thats why it was taking a very long time.

Hi BKA, thank you for your supportive message. Yes I can only assume my examiner was seriously ill and would obviously understand if this was the case. However, I was told she was back to work as of 6 weeks ago and was reading the thesis but yet I'm still waiting. If this goes into November I don't know what I'm going to do...I feel anxious about the result every day. Will keep you updated!

I know this doesn't help but if your examiner was off sick for so long it is very likely they have a huge list of higher priority things to sort out before your thesis makes the top of their pile. I imagine that is probably what is causing the delay. It may well only be a few hours work to check your thesis but that only matters once your thesis has surfaced at the top of their in tray.
Under these circumstances, some kind of communication to you from the examiner would probably help reassure you that you haven't just been forgotten.

Thanks pm33. I agree - if I could just have some confirmation from the office/examiner that I haven't been lost in the system I would feel calmer about things. After losing my viva report and issuing me with an incorrect result last year, I don't have much faith in them. I know most people already assume a pass when given minors but (if you look back at my old posts) you will understand why I fear the worst. Will keep you posted.


Any news? I hope you have heard something by now.


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Any news? I hope you have heard something by now.

Hi timefortea, thanks for your message - no news I'm afraid. It's been 4 months and 1 week now. I told myself I would hold out until November so as to not look too pushy and I have definitely reached my limit of patience. I am going to email my supervisor today asking for some reassurance that I haven't been completely forgotten about. Feeling very fed up...