Waiting time for official result and corrections after viva?


I had my viva in December and was told after I passed with minor corrections. However, I am still waiting to get the official result on my university account and receive the corrections. According to the college regulations the examiners report is supposed to be submitted within 2 weeks of the viva so I emailed the college office today to ask what was going on and was told that the 2 week turnaround was delayed by the Christmas break. I am slightly annoyed because even with Christmas, I think there has been enough time. I also have a job offer in the US but can't apply for the visa until I get an official document of passing my PhD. I suppose I can complain to the college but what are they going to do? This is dependent on the examiners getting the report back and approved. How long did anyone else have to wait to receive their official result and corrections? Is this commonly something that takes a long time?


I think mine came a few weeks later, but this was during the summer. I'm pretty sure you can apply for your visa without having the official proof of the award. You just need your job offer letter.

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I did my viva at the end of November and got the corrections at the beginning of January. Like you I was told on the day that I had passed subject to corrections and that I would receive the list within two weeks. I had nothing official to say that I had passed and was starting to panic that the examiners had changed their minds or something else was wrong. All totally unfounded and when the corrections eventually came they were fine. Oh and I only got official confirmation (through the University's online system) of the outcome this week.