What are PhD fees for?


I did a part-time arts PhD which took 7 years. It cost £900 a year. I don't live in the city where the university is based and so had to commute for four hours (there and back) for supervision a few times a year. Because of this I wasn't able to use the university's library, computer suite or anything else available. So I'm wondering what the £900 fee was for. Surely not just for the services of my supervisor, which were minimal. Even if I had used the library and computers would this really justify the £900 fee?


If you're thinking of asking for some chance I think I have more chance of partnering Wayne Rooney in the Man Utd front line than them giving you some back. That said I thought fees stoped after so many years [5]?


That should of course read 'some back'. Pulling an alnighter.


I'm not sure, but with postdocs a lot of money is paid for departmental office staff salaries from the research council. I'm guessing salaries of these staff, admin costs and equipment.
It is extortionate though....



I think the tution fees is for university operation and running.

And for those who is doing lab-based, we have to pay bench fee. does anyone know what iis it for?


The bench fee is for renting the bench space, and for covering the cost of materials such as chemicals. I got a 1000 quid budget with mine fees, and no bench fees fortunetly for my masters.


Thanks for your replies.

It still seems a lot of money to pay for the overheads of a university. When you take into account the thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate fees the university takes each term, the overhead costs and staff salaries must amount to just a fraction of the total income the university receives from fees.

Universities even sell branded merchandise like scarves, pens, T-shirts etc. Then there are the bars and cafes on campus that add to the income of the university. Not to mention the student union membership costs as well. Also, don’t forget, the fees charged for their continuing education and night school programs. It must come to millions—just for one term!


I think you'd be very surprised how much lecturer, postdoc and technical staff costs come to.


And all the administration staff involved