What Are You Researching???


Hi All,

I just wondered ... what are you all reseraching (or have researched - for those lucky enough to have completed their PhDs!)???


At present chocolate bars [a full and comprehensive research project] and which is the best version of 300 to download off the net.


you wanna download a chocolate? awesome


Now that would make an interesting research project. Something that I could make money off too. Sadly its only 300 [the Spartan thing].


I'm working on narrative theory and the afterlife in modern/contemporary fiction. So, things to do with dead narrators, narrative time, spatial form representing eternity, repetition, postmodernism, post- everything in general, apocalypse, prolepsis, retIrospection. I'm writing about loads of different books and writers: I'm writing a chapter which uses examples from Orhan Pamuk and Alasdair Gray at the moment (it's about painting, linear perspective, mapping and the afterlife). I have so much trouble talking about my research!


Not really. Sounded interesting to me.


@Alice - yes, that sounds interesting to me, but maybe due to the fact that I started out as a Classics-Literary criticism freak before switching to my current area.

I am researching the aesthetics of music during the first years of the Franco regime in Spain - which music was acceptable, which music could be potentially banned, how could music be used for propaganda purposes, and the theoretical justifications behind all this. I'm currently writing a chapter on the musical relations between Spain and Germany (and Italy as well but it was much more limited) during WWII - which is fascinating so I don't know why nobody has bothered to write about it before!


I am researching the cognitive and physical brain effects of regular exercise in the elderly that seem to delay dementia. I will be investigating the effect in both brain and behaviour as this is an area that is not yet sufficiently covered by research. It is a big task but I am very excited by it (and daunted, I guess).


great thread - I think everyone has such cool projects. Don't we maybe sometimes create some of our loneliness ourself by not talking to others about our research? (thinking it isn't interesting to anyone else and no one cares and it really isn't good enough for anyone else to see etc...)

I'm studying what 'happens' in reproductive medicine, specifically IVF, whereby I understand reproductive medicine to be an assemblage of medical, cultural and social practices. I am looking for negotiations of meanings of for example kinship, gender, genealogy, and nature/biology (but I would be glad to be surprised). I will try to analyze what 'happens' in relation to its cultural and historical situatedness (the case I am studying is Switzerland).
I am six months in and am currently working on a literature review.


any luck with spartans golfpro? I saw the long version of the trailer last night on tv... looks great. I won't have time to go see it this weekend though

I might try and download 300 chocolate bars instead. Goes better with writing-up


I am researching on fuel cells. I am trying to look for new improved energy for batteries using enzymes. I still dream about the prize I am going to wim when I discover a battery that can be used for 3 or 4 years for laptops and mobile phones!
Can you imagine how the world would be different if we coul get rid of the chargers? You buy a laptop and, that's it! no need to plug it anymore! Completely socket-free!!


Well plenty of Cam and telesync versions around but the DVD screeners [what they give to the press etc..] seem a few days away. I watched the Pacino film 88 minutes Letters from Iwo Jima instead, which were both OK.


I like ths ound of Paulas project, would be nice to research something that could be really useful to future generations.

I am researching the role of certain ion channels in the transmission of pain using tissue-specific knock-out mice. (Basically knocking out a channel from pain neurones and then looking at the altered behaviour and pain states of the mouse and the characteristics of it's neurones.)

It's meant to be helping develop new drugs for pain management but it's all a bit pie in the sky!


I am researching into natural history collecting and menageries in seventeenth and eighteenth century England and Scotland. I am interested in relationship between these phenomena and the political happenings of these centuries - Civil War, Interregnum, Glorious Revolution and so on... I am part. interested in the relationship between Dutch natural history collecting and that of England and Scotland....


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This is fascinating learning what everyone is (actually) doing. Come on guys ... more responses please!