What do you think of my thesis topic?


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Culture = Organizational Culture
Citizenship behavior = Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Commitment = Organizational Commitment

They are all in the organization devlopment context!

I want to investigate the causal relationship among those variables how it influence one another and finally how it influences organizational effectiveness. Those main variables have their own dimensions.

Is it too wide and much variables? Please help me. I have been changing topic many times already!


Hi Jun480

Shamelessly evading your question :-) because only you will have the answer to it.. i guess I'm looking at your question and thinking what level of analysis are you interested in?

The individual or the team / organization ?

because, from afar, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Commitment would appear to be looking at the individual level and Culture at the organizational level.

I suspect a causal model of culture would be worth a thesis on its own; and make you very rich.

What is a development organization? do you mean research and development ?

The other, more pragmatic, way of answering your question, is to say... leave it as is.. go off exploring and the question will emerge as you read around the subject.

Hope this rambling response helps in some small way. ( i obviously need coffee ) Chuff


So you are a work psychologist, or management PhD then (me too) :) I think this is fine in terms of four variables. I can't comment on the theory you are looking at - I look at OCB in my studies, and also performance/well-being outcomes (i.e., employee effectiveness), but do not know about culture/commitment. None-the-less, you need to think more about the design if you are interested in causality. This will have to be a longitudinal study (i.e., lots of data from the same people on many occasions), and you will need a very large sample. Plus you will have to get into some serious statistics (e.g., SEM; LGM). Don't let it put you off, but just a consideration. You may find anyhow that it isn't an a>b>c>d relationship, but that a, b and c work together in different ways (i.e., moderate, simultaneously). This will be theoretically guided. At PhD level though, it is fine to look at four variables.

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I think it is an incredibly exciting topic and wish you the best of luck. I'm not sure of the need for a large sample size though. How are you looking to analyse the data? For example there is a good book by Smith, Flowers and Larkin that advocates Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis for situations that '...consider experiences in their own terms...' and Linden West suggests individual narrative accounts can provide huge amounts of data to demonstrate linkage between themes.