What happens at a PhD interview??


Dear All

I have a PhD interview soon and I'm wondering if anyone has any helpful advice for me (or any one else!!) on how to conduct myself during the interview and on what sort of questions I may be asked.

Is it like a job interview? please help.

Many thanks in advance.


try www.phd-survey.org/advice/advice.htm
If fund it quite useful


I had a series of interviews in a department (6 in a row) a few weeks ago. I was suprised that the focus of the discussion was often the supervisor selling his work to me rather than vice versa. The obvious question you will be asked is 'Why do you want to do a PhD in general'. Other than that I did well by just reading up on the research of the interviewer. All in all, it was nowhere near as stressful as I expected.


i have several interviews coming up soon but dont know what to wear. should i wear a suit or are a smart pair of jeans and smart top ok??

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So long as you look like you wash more than a couple of times a week you'll probably be fine. There is, however, no accounting for taste and you may meet a supervisor who expects a suit. It is important that you are comfortable and relaxed in the interview, so wear whatever you're comfortable in. If you're wearing a suit and your interviewer is dressed in shorts and old trainers you may feel a bit stupid.


Well where to start? You may hear most, some, or little of what I describe. Many will ask you about your reason for choosing to undergo the rigourous path in graduate studies, what has prepared you for this challenge, as well as hobbies or interests you have had. You may also be asked why did you choose the institution, what previous research experience do you have, and may inquire further about your scientific coursework in college (they may likely probe any areas of weakness in your academic record as well). You may likely be asked about your presentation skills, since you willl do PLENTY of that in a graduate program. There are so many possible questions that it is hard to cover them all, but that should give a very rough flavor of the types of questions you may be asked.


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