What happens to funding if finish phd earlier?



I'm on funded PhD with monthly installments, these installments are pre-scheduled every January. I'm in my 3rd year and planning to submit in the next two months. My viva will be probably next 3 months. Assuming everything is finished 3 before the actual last date, do I still get those funding in the remaining months?

The funding is a sponsorship from the university.

Has anyone experienced this?

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Congratulation's on finishing early, that is an achievement!
You would need to ask your department for the universities individual policy.
I know at my university when you submit all future bursary payments, however they don't ask for any money back if you submit 1 day after the processing deadline. As my university deems the end of the PhD is when you submit your thesis and not after the viva. I know it doesn't make sense as I wanted to submit early but it would have just made me unemployed faster :) So I would check with your department.


Thanks rewt :)

Thanks, it was tough but I eventually got there.

I'll check with my university but TBH I'll probably submit soon I want to move on in life and work back in the industry.