What is a good job whilst waiting for right PhD Funding



I finished my master's degree in October and have been looking for PhD funding or a Research Assistant post since. I have got the feeling that it could be months before I find the right PhD funding for me. Is there any such thing as a good job that can prepare me for a PhD? I was previously a college lecturer so have been doing that on a sessional basis (which is really poor pay and there is not much work at the minute). Could I be doing something better? I am worried that if I do the wrong job it could look bad on my CV and reduce the chances of me getting funding as well.


Any job in this climate!


Parenthood? That can keep you busy for the long 18 year wait for funding....


Thanks for the replies

I agree with doing anything but just concerned it will look bad on my CV in the future.  I suppose any work is better than none.  I am holding out for a PhD in my commuting area so it will take a while until the right one will come up.  I applied for a postman job a few months back after finishing my masters but did not get it.  Think it would have been due to being over qualified.

I am already a parent but my wife works part time and I usually work/study full time whenever possible.  I hope it does not take more than a year as then I will have to consider selling my house (re-mortgaging) and moving with my wife and son which is a last resort option as we all love living where we are and has massive financial implications.  Did think about moving away on my own but know I can't be without my family.


What about trying the local higher education establishments for any academic tutor work? I've just done three years at Sunderland University


Thanks Haggis - I will keep a look out at Universities.


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I think position of Research Assistant would probably best prepare you for a PhD, and look impressive on your CV as it shows that you have an idea of a research environment and will have relevant skills etc. I guess that there aren't many such jobs around at the moment, I know there were few when I was looking. Would it be an option, at least for a short period, to do some voluntary research work? Voluntary work would look great on you CV and could also lead to a paid position or PhD studentship if one should become available with that supervisor.
Hope that help.
Good luck.