What to wear to a conference?


This is probably a really trivial question, but I'm going to a one day conference next month and don't want to look completely stupid... so... does anyone have any general suggestions of what sort of thing is suitable? :p


I generally wear skirt/trousers with blouse or dress and jacket. I tend to dress smart rather than formal ie suit. That said the dress code at these things seems to range from very casual (jeans/chinos) to formal (suits). I would wear what is comfortable but smart. Enjoy the conference (up)


practically speaking something reasonably comfortable with a layer or two - I have found conferences can get very hot and also very cold if the air con is turned up too high!

I dress quite smart but not formal, I usually wear (as pp) a skirt, shirt and pretty cardi and/or jacket. Scarfs are a cheap easy way to pretty up a 'normal' top. Enjoy your conference :-)


I would go smart casual. I think it depends on your age group as I have noticed that younger academics are more informal in that they will usually wear smart casual or some even wear jeans and shirt whereas ones from the older generation wear shirt and smart trousers. I guess it depends on your field as dress codes may vary with disciplines. Have you checked with other people who are going or other people who have been to conferences in your field?


A suit and tie. Maybe lose the tie if not presenting. I'd always personally dress smart, even if others don't.


I have been to several conferences (national and international) and I noticed that everone wears whatevers s/he comfortable in.
Personaly, I wear jeans and a shirt or a blouse...


I've just come back from a conference and found a large range of clothing. Some people in suits, some more casual. I was the only person I noticed in flip flops though :$ so think maybe they're not the best conference attire! still I don't think anyone else noticed and they certainly didn't comment.


A catsuit :p

Kidding aside....usually business casual to formal, depends on the conference. Don't they have a recommendation on the site?

You might meet people/professors who are are the lookout for post-doc recruits, so play it safe.



Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think I'm probably going to aim for a smart-casual sort of approach.

Lol at the catsuit :)