When to follow-up??


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Hi all,

I applied for a funded PhDpost two weeks ago. The automated response to the application said that I should assume that I have been unsuccessful after 4 weeks of hearing nothing. I’m wondering how long it may usually take before universities get in touch? Having spent so much time on the research proposal, I’m (probably like other applicants!) keen to hear if I will be invited for an interview, but concerned that after 2 weeks, it seems unlikely? What do you think?


I think 2 weeks is about the time it usually takes for the uni to get back to you though that depends on how efficient HR is!  I always hope that if I haven't heard anything by then it's just HR being slow!  I think it would be nice if they would just send you a quick e-mail like some unis do to tell you that you've haven't made it so at least you would know. It's a pain after putting in all that effort and not even getting an acknowledgement!  Good luck and I hope you hearing something soon.  Keep going - it takes a lot of effort and perseverance!


Hey Kirstyvale, I wouldn't assume anything until the 4 weeks have passed. At this time of year lots of people may be away or have a lot on their plates with exam marking etc, so it's quite possible that they just haven't got round to short-listing yet. For funding my PhD I applied for a one-off scholarship I had never heard of until we all got a random email about it; 2-3 months later I had almost forgotten about it when I had a letter telling me I had been successful! So hang in there until the 4 weeks are up and try to think positive! Best, KB


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Hi Kirstyvale, if it's getting into the third week I think it would be ok to ring up the department that's dealing with the studentship and ask about it. Sometimes there are unforseen delays to the original timetable for processing these things, eg huge numbers of applications, staff illness etc. In my uni the research department deals with the PhD funding rather than HR, and we've had hopeful students ringing up to see what the timeline is for making decisions on funded places and what's happened to their applications. There's nothing weird about doing that as you need to know whether you might have to make yourself available for an interview. Hope you get the news you want!