will i get fired


I have done no work in 7 weeks - my supervisor is due back from leave in about 3 weeks. I know i should just get very serious study wise, but aside from that do you think i will get fired. Prior to this i think my super was happy with me. I think i preformed reasonably well, not stellar- did a lot of stressing and procrastinating- probably ended up doing 90% of what i should be doing instead of 110% .


It depends on how angry your supervisor gets.


so it is actually possible... yikes

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I don't think you will be the first phd student to have done this, so I wouldn't get too anxious but instead, maybe divert some of that anxious energy into getting back into work mode pronto and making up some time. :)

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Don't worry. You'll not be fired. But still, I agree with metabanalysis. All you can do is, make sure to don't piss him off more. I hope everything will be fine. Good luck.