Word count dilemma


My PhD maximum word limit is 100 000 but there is no specification on the minimum limit. Any ideas? The tricky aspect is that part of my data collection method was artefact analysis in which I tabulated information for 27 records and discussed it on the tables. This data is the core of my research but tables aren’t part of the word count especially since they are bulky and have numbered them as appendices. I am battling to reach 80 000 and just wondering if in such a case these appendices can be considered as part of word count or should I include them in the main thesis? Your urgent assistance will be appreciated.


I've was told not to fall below 85,000, but if your data is in the appendices or tabulated, then the examiners will still see 'bulk' in your work (you won't be giving them a thin thesis). The appendices cannot be considered part of the wordcount (usually), but yes, try to put the work in the actual thesis if it slots in neatly and reads well. I was told to move some of my appendices material into my thesis, but I have the opposite problem to you -- too many words.


I thought that the whole word count had to be between 80,000 - 100,000


Thanks guys, I have an idea now. All the best with your research


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Does it really matter? The official word count in my uni was 80,000 - 100,000. Forrest here just kept going and handed them a princely 159,049 words including footnotes, 123,400 without footnotes.

They had no way of checking how many words I had. In order to disguise the number I put the space at 1.5 rather than 2, which cut a huge number of pages off the thesis. Likewise, they are not really going to notice if you have 75,000 words. The only downside is that with 75,000 you'd want to make sure you are giving them enough to pass you. Generally speaking, you would cover yourself better, in my view anyway, if you had more words. Lock yourself in a room for a few weeks. I guarantee you that you'll get another 20,000 words (and some good ideas).