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Dear fellow impoverished PhDs. I was just wondering if anyone aware of any legitimate work from home jobs--data entry or online tuition or ANYTHING? If so, could they let me know the details? I am POOR and need some flexible work asap. Thanks all. M,x


I find private tuition works great. They come to me for class and it can be quite lucrative if there is a sufficient number of potential students and a small number of experts. for a few extra bob around exam time supervision/ invigilation can be graet.


I do tutoring as well but if that's not your thing then friends of mine (and I, briefly) work for TakeNote typing. They send you audio files for typing up, mainly marketing interviews, research and things like that. You need to be pretty quick to make it worthwhile but it's good for flexibility.


Sorry to hijack your post Maria, but how does the home tutoring work? I've been thinking of giving up my p/t receptionist job to do something thats more relevant to my MSc - I was thinking about tutoring but wondering whether I was suitable. I'm doing a MSc in psychology/sociology so would probably be able to teach up to A-Level psychology and sociology, and a selection of degree topics as well but obviously wouldn't be so confident helping anyone at that level.

Do you advertise privately or is there an agency you sign up to? Do you need any specefic qualifications other than a degree? Thanks, Nx


A-level tution can pay quite well - I think I was getting 35-40 an hour + travel costs. I had students come round to my place too. Very rewarding too, one of my students went from a B to an A in a particular subject and got their place at cambridge.

Just find a tution company and join up. Helps develop good communication skills - explaining ideas etc to people.


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Guys thanks so much for your posts, I am going to look into tuition. How hard can it be to tutor Alevel English...?! M,x


Don't know if you are in the UK but there is a website called where people advertise work and you bid for it - quite a lot is research based so that might be something to look into.  A lot of it is small companies who cant afford consultants.