Yay me!


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I have had some really great news and wanted to share since my threads are usually pretty depressing! Plus I know you will all understand how excited I am.

The first isn't exactly news as such but it's still really exciting. I wrote a chapter for a book at the end of last year/start of this year and the book is finally officially coming out next month! It is on the publisher’s website now and it was just so amazing to see my little name in print amongst all these amazing academics in my field.

The second thing is actually news. I have been awarded a rather prestigious prize in my Uni for my research! I did not expect for one second to have even a small chance of getting this award so I’m just on a euphoric high really! I will officially get it at an awards dinner next month. I still can't believe it. Yay! I've had so many difficult times during this PhD, and now I’m feeling so motivated to get it finished. This had really made me believe that I can do this. Now - time for a glass of wine!


Congrats on both bits of news!
Totally fantastic!


How wonderful, and thanks for sharing - gives us all a boost.

all the best, Chuff


Wow - well done you - just shows if you stick with it good things happen(gift)


Very well done indeed! Congratulations!!


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Both parts are news and as well as being great for you is also very encouraging and motivating for those of us with the long journey still ahead.


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Awesome news! :D Congrats!