Covid -- PhD admission rejection

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Hi peeps,

I have currently applied to a laboratory at Canada's UQAT. However, unfortunately the professor had to refuse my candidature since pandemic situation now in Canada is still up in the air. Is anyone here having similar situations like mine? Any idea on how long I may have to wait?

Here's the reply from the professor:

Dear Lee Ping,
I am very sorry for the late reply to your email.
Unfortunately it is very challenging for international students to come to Canada right now because of the pandemic.
Thank you for your interest in this project, and I am delighted to enconter another person fasciniated with bryophytes but I will have to refuse your candidature for the moment.
If the situation changes we will contact you.

Any hope, peeps?

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With everything happening in the world at the minute, guessing what the cause is or how long you would have to wait is difficult. I think you could just ask the professor why it is challenging for international students in China? Ask if its is financing, university restrictions or just general unease.


This professor didn't give you any details, but if you're curious you can ask them for clarification.
This pandemic is really annoying and has fucked up the whole academia. I've heard many universities in the UK, US, and Australia have laid off some teaching staff and researchers. Many US universities have stopped recruiting new tenure-track academics. The main reason is lack of money. I guess your situation also has something to do with money.


You can ask further questions but based on my experience, he will never reply. This is the final reply and he will not (and he does not have to) explain more. It is sad but it is what it is. Fund or pandemic it does not matter. Just move on and apply somewhere else. Meanwhile in a few months try to reach him out asking if the situation changes, although it is quite rare to reconsider applicants after rejection.