Foreign language requirements for Modern Languages graduate


My first degree was in Modern Languages, specialising in German. I gained a First (Oxbridge).

I now am looking to apply for a PhD in Germany, writing in German. The language requirements stated on the website describe attending and passing various language courses but nothing about previous university study.

Does anyone know if my German degree will exempt me from needing to attend one of these courses / sit these language exams?


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Contact the university. Most admissions offices are flexible with language entry requirements but you need to talk with each one individually.


Thank you!


German universities tend not to be flexible in my experience but if you did a year abroad at a university, studying in German, you may have done the exam already? I know I had to pass one to enrol.


Thanks. No-I worked during my year abroad. The Uni website says 1000-1200 hours on a German course but then later stipulates you need to have also passed one of the listed exams. I really don’t want to have the expense and stress of taking extra exams if I can avoid it.