Interview was 2.5 weeks ago, should I send an email?


So I interviewed for a PhD about 2.5 weeks ago. Shortly after I spoke to the supervisor and he said that I was successful pending on him getting the funding. I haven't heard anything from admissions or from him and I'm growing concerned. Should I chase it up?


Given the current situation (with the outbreak of coronavirus), it's likely that you won't hear back for some time. I would wait until the universities are open again before chasing it up.


Just hang on there don't loose hope, Lets just keep things positive right now consider the pandemic is going on and needs us to stay home for now.


Personally I'd drop an email just to know where things stand. I don't think it would affect the outcome positively or negatively, but might just give you an idea of whether it's been cancelled or postponed or what. Difficult times at the moment. Good luck!


For European applications, I normally asks around 10-14 days after the interview. Most gave their replies within the first week. Good luck!


He didn't have funding for you at the moment you were interviewed? Then this supervisor seems unreliable...


No funding means no PhD. All interviews and other communications are nonsense if there is no funding.