Master thesis grade


Hello everyone!
I have just completed an MSc in Psychology and I received a 69% grade for my master thesis (I ended up with a 68% degree grade). I find that this is not a good grade as I was trying to get a distinction and I am trully disappointed. What is your opinion? Do I have any chances to be accepted in a PhD position with these grades?
Thank you in advance for your answers.


Hi Kassiopi - well done on your MSc - merit is more than enough to get you on a PhD.

I like you wanted a distinction and my supervisor was sure I was on track and then my dissertation dragged me down.. totally out of the blue.. I was gutted. After a while I realised I had my MSc - no one outside of academia - has ever asked me my grade. Even applying for a PhD I have only been asked "did you get a merit or better?".

You'll be fine.


Hi, I had a very similar experience. I got distinctions throughout my MA then ended up with 66% for my dissertation and I was gutted. And then I got a fully funded PhD place! I think far more important than a few percentage marks on your dissertation, is whether you and your chosen topic area 'click' with the PhD supervisors, and that you write a strong application for the doctorate.

I was so upset by my MA dissertation mark, but I seem to be progressing fine through the PhD.

69/68% is really good by the way, and I think most supervisors will take a rounded look at your application and won't just focus on whether you happened to get a distinction. It will take a bit of time, but you will move past this disappointment and have future successes.


Thank you everyone for your answers!

AOE26: You give me hope!

323cjm: REALLY? I am actually searching for a funded PhD and that is why I posted this message. I am very anxious if I can compete people with firsts....So, there IS a possibility to gain funding for my PhD... It was an already advertised project or it was a specific topic you had in mind?


Yes - really! I applied for an advertised project at the uni where I did my MA. The topic of my MA research fitted well with the proposed project, plus I had good references, which I think helped. It is possible! I wouldn't assume all other candidates will have firsts, or that you can't compete with them. After all your mark was so close to a first anyway. Go for it, and be confident!


Especially as the percentage of people that get 1st is 20-30%, dependent upon subject.


I read somewhere that in the psychology field having a 2:1 is not impressive...I don't know if this is true though....