No response after positive review of my application


Couple of weeks ago I applied for a PhD position. Last friday, I got an email saying that I was selected as one of the best 10% of the candidates and that they want to progress further with my candidacy, if I'm still interested. I replied that I'm happy to hear that and that I'm still interested. However, up until now, I didn't hear anything back from them. Is this normal? I thought they would send me an invitation for an interview or something as soon as possible. Can I email them asking about the next steps in the application procedure, or should I just wait?


How long has it been since you responded? These things can take some time, especially if they have to set up a panel for interviews etc.
I would wait about 7-10 working days before emailing when you do be poilte and courtesies. Hope it goes well.


Sounds very normal to me, academia is very busy at this time of year. It's very likely that you've got the place. All the best.


Hi, this happened to me and now it's a month and haven't heard anything, I contacted the and he said the process will take time. kinda anxious because this is life-changing for me wondering what was yours outcome?