PhD application waiting time


I have applied two days back for three different PhD projects, through this site. I have received a copy of whatever I have sent as an e-mail the very moment. Did not see any reply mail from the professor's so far. Generally how much time does it take them to reply back about our shortlisting. Or should I consider it as not considered for the post.


Two days are very short. It can take from a week to 3 months. Just wait. More likely you will get a reply either for shortlist or rejection. Less than5% do not reply at all if rejected

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It can take a while to get replies, supervisors are busy people. I wouldn't be worried unless it is a month at which point I would drop a second email asking if the place is still available.

Don't be disheartened though as it sounds like you are inquiring early in the process which looks good. Some supervisors like to wait until they get a few replies before moving forward or they are busy with term starting.


I agree. Just be patient. It's good that you're applying for multiple projects. All the best.


Thank you all for the replies. It has been very encouraging. I have been completely discouraged. I will keep you updated as well.


Great one, it;s realy good. thanks,


Also keep in mind if the start date isn't for months they won't be in any rush. Just wait for a few more weeks then maybe email HR or any contact that was given with the description.


Thank you very much for this post.


Thank you all. Very informative. For people like me, these answers are a sort of blessings.
For few they mention as admissions accepted all round the year. But they seem to have huge applications too.
Does anyone have idea about women association of engineers and scientists?? How can I get in touch with them??