Should I Wait or Message about PhD application


Hello Everyone,

On the last days of February, I think it was the 28 to be precise, I had a PhD interview on Skype. At the end, they told me that around 2 weeks after the interview they will communicate the end decision about who they will pick as their student. I know they contacted one of my references but I still have not received any information about the position. It's been like a month and a week more or less.

I was wondering if I should send an email to the professor asking for an update on the application or if I should wait for the decision without sending an email?

I'm aware that the process could be long and the application is on another country.

Thanks in advance


Well, it depends. If they are indeed professional they should contact you, however, if they informed you that after that time you will be notified and they didn't contact you, you have the right to contact them.

However, based on my experience, I don't recommend you to contact them let them take their time because if there is something they should inform you, so the best thing is to wait. If you think about it there is no reason to ask what the status of your application.

I have been interviewed with some positions and it wasn't professional, they didn't even reply to my email about the status of my application which means is not professional. To sum up, the best thing I recommend is waiting and don't send an email. Good Luck!


I always make contact about such things. My theory is - if they are toying between me and another candidate and just don't know which one to choose, might obvious enthusiasm might be the deciding factor! A call to the admin office can't hurt! Best of luck!!!


Hi everyone,

I had an interview for a PhD position at a UK University in March end, and received an email from my interviewer, and potential supervisor a week later that I have been offered the position, and I need to accept it. Once I accepted it, I got a mail saying I will get the official offer letter later, which can take upto a month. It's been 15 days, and I haven't got the official offer yet. Is there a possibility that they might not offer me the position, as in not send the offical offer letter? Since, I am an international candidate, latest by which date should I expect the official offer, as I need to have some time for visa applications, etc.? Also, should I start worrying, as it's Easter time, and I don't know, if offers are sent out this late in April?

Thanks a lot, in advance!


The letter may have been lost in the post! Just contact them and ask them if / when they sent the letter! Congrats!


I personally think you should contact them about it. I sent my PhD application to a university recently and they said they would let me know the result of the shortlisting stage for interviews by this date but they didn't so I phoned them, and turned out the process took longer than usual. At the end of the day, it's your application and you've put a lot of effort into it so if it bothers you, just contact them. Good luck!