TOEFL fraud! Anyone had such an experience with ETS?


Hi there,

As most people on this forum I'm seriously thinking about getting a PhD. As you probably know, I can't do it without TOEFL. So here's the story.

On May 9, I registered for a TOEFL test scheduled for May 17 in Cracow, Poland at X street. A few days before the exam I decided to make sure about the date and venue, and called the place that can be found at this address. Not only was I told that it DOESN'T hold TOEFL tests anymore, but also that they contacted ETS about updating their website. So I logged into my account and tried to browse places where the next TOEFL tests will be held. Interestingly, there was ANOTHER place mentioned as well so I called this one. In a conversation with a secretary she confirmed that the test is due May 17. After 3 hrs of traveling I got there just to find out that I CAN'T take this test because I'm not on the list! (While registering the X street was the only possible choice but it turned out that tests are held at Y street).

Fair enough but how was I even able to register for a test at a place that doesn't held these anymore for months?! Can anyone please explain this to me?

Of course I contacted ETS straight away and wrote a complaint. Amazingly, they don't list any e-mails, and instead use some forms. I sent them my complaint twice on May 17, and didn't got any response yet.

Just out of curiosity, I logged into my account and browsed the next available dates in Cracow. And guess what? The place X is still available to choose though don't organize TOEFL tests from months already! Funny thing is that one is scheduled for June 14 at X street, although I was told on Friday that the place on Y street will hold this test, and no one has registered for it yet. So WTF is going on?! Help, hints anyone?


Have you already paid the fee? If not, it might be worth checking whether anywhere more reliable near you is offering the IELTS test as an alternative. Both seem to be universally accepted. I think you should expect a longer wait than 5 days to get a formal response to a complaint though to be fair to ETS - remember they need to process it, then investigate and this does take time. Good luck with getting it sorted out.


Call ETS directly and make a verbal complaint. This is outrageous! You should get a refund and they should fix the problem. Not to mention all the inconvenience you had to go through! Didn't expect such a shoddy standard from ETS.