Best prospective PhD book??


Hi All

I am contemplating starting a PhD in the next year and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for informative PhD texts which outline step by step actions to take, pref in Australia.


Hi sivvy,

It's not a book BUT there is a bit of an overview (and some links for funding etc) about PhDs in Australia here:

Most of this is specific to international students moving to Australia for their PhDs, so apologies if you are Australian (but hopefully some of this will still be of some use :) )

Good luck with your PhD search!



I would recommend you start reading up on research methods. If you already know what type of research methods you plan to do then you can be even more specific.

For general PhD advice etc read this blog:

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And just before you start it would be helpful to read a book like the following to learn about the right practices and strategies to take:


Thanks guys - lots of great stuff there!
I'm thinking of perhaps focusing on prose-poetry, the elusive genre in writing! I've heard Arts PhD's are the most difficult to get funding for so I'm feeling rather disheartened at the moment...Anyone know of any Arts-specific websites/books etc by any chance?