Does several F grades hurt Post Graduation Acceptance with full funding in USA?


I have completed my BSc in Industrial Engineering from a Bangladeshi university with a 3.28 cgpa. It took me 11 semesters to complete my BSc due to some personal and family issues. I had a lot of F grades during the 1st 4 semesters. I tried to improve my results and in the final four semesters i had the corresponding gpa 3.75, 3.52, 3.55, 3.53 and only 2 F grades (due to not being able to attend the exams).

I wish to pursue highers studies in USA. I am preparing for GRE and expecting a score around 320. With my academic profile is there any chance that I would get accepted in ANY US universities? If yes, can I expect TA/GA/RA?

Thanks for reading this post


There is no direct yes or no answer to your question. Rather, it all depends on the competition that you face. If many applicants have finished on time with high GPAs and apply for the same funding as you and there are limited positions, then you should expect that they wil be first choice and you will be considered only after them.