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Does several F grades hurt Post Graduation Acceptance with full funding in USA?

I have completed my BSc in Industrial Engineering from a Bangladeshi university with a 3.28 cgpa. It took me 11 semesters to complete my BSc due to some personal and family issues. I had a lot of F grades during the 1st 4 semesters. I tried to improve my results and in the final four semesters i had the corresponding gpa 3.75, 3.52, 3.55, 3.53 and only 2 F grades (due to not being able to attend the exams).

I wish to pursue highers studies in USA. I am preparing for GRE and expecting a score around 320. With my academic profile is there any chance that I would get accepted in ANY US universities? If yes, can I expect TA/GA/RA?

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