ESRC Studentship Results


Thanks Louisa, I am v excited, really wasn't expecting it. The proposal is in the learning disabilities field, guess it went via the right markers! Hope you've heard now; the delays might just depend on your finance dept relaying the info through! Its going to be a big change for me for Sept, but I'm now counting down the days at work.


Still haven't heard!! This is ridiculous, why would some universities hear before others?!


Just found out yesterday that I got the 1+3, absolutely delighted! I agree that doing a detailed proposal is the way to go, I had a lot of help from my department with this.


Congrats - well done! What is your subject area? I STILL have not heard anything, but I'm guessing in this case no news is bad news. Ah well, I kind of knew it anyway - just need official confirmation so I can formulate plan B!


How did people hear the news btw? Letter, e-mail, phone?


Congrats to everyone who has got the studentships.

But, AAAAH!! I'm so scared! i was told not to expect results until mid August cos these things always take longer than expected. Can't believe some of u guys know already!

Will have to get on the case first thing tomorrow cos I guess all the unis must get informed around the same time, but guess there's a delay in the admin with the results actually getting through to the students, especially as it's August and everyone's away!!

Just wondered if anyone else has applied through UCL or for lifecourse research?

My department nominated me back in february so has possibly been one of the longest applications ever! lol.

I hate waiting....


I think it depends on the department - I received an email late last week from the admin staff at my university, rather than my supervisor. I hadn't been expecting to hear until this week but the news seems to be trickling out.


I found out that my application was unsuccessful despite getting an A+! Apparently the ESRC had 465 applications and were only able to give out 85 awards this year - they weren't able to fund everyone who got an A+ this time around.

Am pretty gutted but there'll be other opportunities.

Good luck to everyone else who is waiting to find out!


Sorry that you didn't get funding - that's pretty harsh since you scored so well. I'm still waiting to hear! The waiting game continues.... I wonder why there is so much discrepancy between individuals finding out? I really think they should be more open about the whole process.


I just found out I was unsuccessful in the 1+3

Not quite a disaster as my dept have already offered me a studentship equivalent to ESRC rates, but still a bit of a blow for morale. I wasn't really close anyway, my proposal etc was rated 'A' but apparently they could only fund some of the A+ proposals (I have also been quoted the 465 apps versus 85 awards).

So well done to those who have been made an award, you've done really well - and for the rest of us, never mind but the competition was very steep!!


Well, all is not lost. The day that I found out about the results I was offered 2 PhD places in my department and have accepted an ESRC quota studentship - which was the one I originally applied for in the first place! I'm so excited!!

Sorry, to all those people who were unsuccessful - if you're determined, you'll soon find something else


Found out yesterday I was unsuccessful in the +3 competition (after much chasing on my part). Haven't even been told how I scored. So no PhD for me this year unless I win the lottery. Well done to everyone who's got funding.


I was rejected for ESRC open comp 1+3. Scored 2 A's and an A+ and was told same story about no of applicants and places etc. But on the good side i was offered a different scholarship today for PhD which will be around the same amount! Really excited.