Suspense is killing me


I'm currently waiting to see whether I receive funding for a PhD. The studentship comes directly from the university and the department I applied to put my proposal forward as they obviously liked me. The proposal is currently with the studentship committee and the said they would get back to me in early April. Well, this is early April and I can't sleep at the moment through sheer worrying.

Anyone else been in this situation?


Don't worry. There was the easter holidays and it will take some time to be back to routine for university staff. I wouldn't aspect a response before friday. If they don't reply until monday you can contact the university.
Good luck!


Hello killahtron,

Yup, wait until Monday and may be then contact the supervisor or the relevant admissions department.

All the best!


Hey! Yes, I bet most of us have been there- I certainly have. It's horrible, and there's not a lot you can do except wait, chase it up eventually, and hope for good news. I just tried to keep myself busy around that time- the places I applied to for funding didn't have a set deadline either, so I was literally just hanging on for months to find out, hoping that one day a letter would drop through my door. In the end it dropped through my parents' door and I had the agonising moment of my dad opening it on the other end of the phone and the silence while he tried to work out exactly what it was saying before he could relate it to me! Try to keep yourself busy and distracted- I think that's the best thing to do at the moment. Fingers crossed for you- let us know when you get the news! Best, KB


Got the news from my 2nd choice University, and it wasn't good.

Then I got the news from my 1st choice University, and it wasn't good either............. it was amazing!!!!

I managed to get a full-funded PhD place so I am so pleased.


Congratulations Killahtron!!

Just keep a tight grip on that enthusiasm, you'll need it! ;-) All the best of luck for your project!