waiting for funding


Hi, I have been offered a PhD place, but my superisor is still looking at funding opportunities for me. When are offers of funding generally made? This probably a how long is a piece of string type question but I funding bodies must make decisions before the summer surely????


Hi, I am in the same boat in that I have been offered a PhD place and I am waiting to hear about funding. I have been put forward for ESRC 1+3 funding, and been told I should hear about it in the first week of August.

Hope that helps.


If it is specific grants or departmental funding that your supervisor has applied for, they will know the decision dates (give or take a few days)- so best to just ask them when you should expect to know, no point in being bashful

If its departmental (UK), what ususally happens is that 6 people get offered PhDs but there is only funding for 4 (as an example) then the best 4 are chosen, and the others don't get the posts.

If they haven't even applied for funding then i suppose it depends on the timescale of those grants.

To be honest, without the funding the offer is a bit pointless (not so if you get the funding tho), so it probably wouldn't harm you to apply for some more posts - just in case?

Hope this helps, I think the best policy would be to ask for more info from your sup re. when you should hear and how what type of funding etc

Good Luck



I'm in the same position. Just been offered a place, chuffed to bits - but slightly worried it doesn't mean anything unless I get funding! I've looked at the website for the Uni I have applied to and it says the results will be published online mid-June. Good luck!


Yea thanks, reassuring to know that others haven't heard about funding, but finding it difficult to motivate myself to do any reading when I don't know whether I have got a place or not!


I had a supervisor agree to work with me back in January, and I applied for an ESRC +3 quota award, as well as internal funding from the university.

I found out yesterday that I have been given the quota award. I have to submit an electronic application to the ESRC by 1st May (though that is just a formality). I know that if you are being put forward for the ESRC open award that is decided later in the year, but it is still best to check with your supervisor. If anything it shows that you're keen, which is a good thing.


Hi, I've been nominated for an ESRC 1+3 quota studentship. I completed the online application this week. It says on the website that I will be notified end of July. Can someone tell me if I really have the funding and the application was just a formality or whether I should still be nervous about it?


Swantje, I can't tell you for sure but I assume it is like AHRC - in which case the application is NOT a mere formality (a lot depends on the quality of it) but nothing will be guaranteed (at all) until they get back to you.


Well, I had to write a project summary for the application and it had to be in plain English without any technical terms and without too many details (only about 1 page allowed). How can they then make a decision on the quality of my proposal if I'm not even allowed to go into too much detail or use technical terms?