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My hurdle with PhD on Food traceability technologies. Any suggestion?

I have recently completed first year of my PhD. I finished my coursework, wrote my first year report (15000 words), identified three gaps (those are part of my report) and no journal submission or conference presentation. It is a 3 year PhD but can be extended until 3.5 year. I wrote a review article based on my literature review but my supervisor says it looks like an encyclopaedia and didn't give me any constructive feedback. Although he asked me to choose this particular topic but it is not his research area. I'm working on food traceability and he's in energy technologies.Food traceability isn't also my area(I'm an industrial engineer), but I'm reading it for last 8 months (I started my research with a bit different topic). My supervisor hardly says anything useful for my research and I don't see him that much (once or hardly twice a month). I've decided to lead PhD by my own. There is no food traceability technology expert or food science researcher around me. I'm planning to take my research towards algorithm based (But I don't know where will I find my data). I'm worried about my progress as I have no idea whether I'm doing right or wrong. In my research group people are doing different things and don't know anything about my topic. Can anybody suggest me anything? Thanks in advance.