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Funding pulled - what now?

Thanks guys. As far as I am aware, there is no chance of changing supervisor as the grant and effectively protein I'm working on are solely my supervisors idea, and there is no one else in the department who cares/understands enough to take over. My funding letter states the PhD is funded wholly by the charity and they can withdraw at any time, and the University doesnt have to fund anything. There is supposed to be a meeting today between some 'big-wigs' to try and sort out the funding but no one will tell me why the charity has pulled out. If the charity has run out of money then that somehow seems more fair than my supervisor "telling tales" and then the charity pulling the funding. I will let you know if I know.

Aside from this, does anyone know how long I should reasonably wait before trying to find a job? My rent for this month is paid but I have about £100 which now has to last me indefinitely! It will take time to get started in a position and to get paid, but I dont know if I should be able to get some money from the Uni - like a hardship loan, or some sort of compensation because I only found out the day before payday that there was no more money. What do you think?

Funding pulled - what now?

I had a bombshell dropped on my doorstep today. Tomorrow is the start of 2nd year PhD in cancer biology (at a UK institution), funded by a small charity (also from the UK). I was told that the charity no longer want to fund the project. As yet, I don't know why.

My supervisor tried to make me leave the project after 9 months and when I wouldn't leave, initiated 'Termination of Studies' procedure. Since that procedure was started, an independent panel from the Uni has decided the concerns were unfounded and I am fit to continue (much to my supervisors' dismay). However, now there is no funding (the charity covered my stipend, fees and consumables). I suspect that this fact relates to the withdrawal of funding but this has not been confirmed as yet.

Does anyone know if the Uni are obligated to find me new funding/change me to a new project with new funding or whether I am effectively unemployed and bankrupt from here on in?

Any advice would be very helpful! Thanks in advance.

...what if I CAN'T?

I am in exactly the same position as you, you are not alone! After my experience, my advice would be (1) Go and see the doctor and tell him/her how you feel. It will lighten your load and make others aware of your situation. (2) Look into your University's counselling service. It should be free, and they should have drop in sessions. Counselling is not always for "crazy people", its a good opportunity to talk about all your problems and insecurities with someone who will not judge you. (3) Try to raise your concerns with another academic in your department, this will give you a more objective view and reassurance that you are not the only one to feel like this.

Finally, I know that this is hard, but DON'T compare yourself with other PhD students. All projects are different: what might be easy to you could be difficult to someone else and vice versa. This is your project. You are obviously making progress as you said you don't want to waste the work you have done. If you really like the project, that is half the battle. May I also suggest a short holiday, even a couple of days off where you can take time to relax, but also to reflect on what you have actually achieved. This will also give you a chance to plan your next move, however "slowly" you think you are going.

I wise man once told me it's very easy to get bogged down on the minor details, but you should still keep in mind the overall purpose of the project. "You can't see the wood for the trees" type thing. You are stronger than you think, and you have expended alot of effort to get where you are today. You have overcome hurdles before, so don't give up because your insensitive supervisor has planted a seed of doubt in your mind.