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Changing supervisor or quitting

Are you happy with your current project? or are you looking for a change in direction as well?

A Very Serious Plumbing Problem - [Men Only]

There might be too much Kalms in Circulation? Viagra can also help boosting the Hydraulic Systems.

US to UK: What am I forgetting?

A pair of quality Umbrella and a raincoat?

Lack of supervisor interest

Quote From Will_i_am:

You know I hear about this situation with so many of my PhD friends so if it's any comfort these supervisors are everywhere.
The way they cope is usually 2 - either bull doze their way through the PhD course themselves (really frustrating and they end up being really sad and burnt out by the end) or they find someone else to guide them..they never quit, either for pride or passion for the subject.

I have to mini-dig my way. And I am in my 3rd Year. I admit I had been in a worst case scenario where he won't agree with my approach to address a problem and also is not very knowledgeable in this area. This kept on going for 2 years until I decided that enough is enough and have to hire a mini-digger. I wished I had a Bulldozer. But as Will said I have to drag him with me as well and that involves giving him lectures and correct his flaws acquired by memorizing things not through deep understanding.

Help me choose EE offers in MEMS: Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham

Quote From Melsie:

I bet we didn't like your accent either, Goodboy...

Sorry but due to the difference in accent which was very strong, I was an easy target and been pickpocketed 2 to 3 times at Buchanan Bus Station and left me with no money for weeks. You should not have taken this personally, I had trouble understanding local accent and it is just my personal experience.

To Quit or not to Quit that is the question?

Try atleast for an MPhil. This will save you 1.5 years if you study for PhD again in future.
Writing for publications is a very good idea before Submission. But, I also have heard that many people gained PhD after failing in the overall task as well. I think it depends on your supervisor.
Working part time seems an attractive option or you can also take a leave of absence for 3-6 months to work on publication whilst keeping a temp job and save...

Help me choose EE offers in MEMS: Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham

Quote From akui:

Quote From goodboy:

It is not clear from your post that if Etching/Fabrication etc would be a requirement or only simulation is needed for this PhD.

That part, I'm still consulting with professors. Thank you for your advice.
I also heard that EE in Leeds ranked No. 1 in RAE 2008. Should it also count for taking offer in Leeds?


Dear Akui!

Besides RAE Leeds also has attracted greater portion of EPSRC funding from Gov towards Doctoral Training Accounts which reflects its quality of research. http://gow.epsrc.ac.uk/ListSchemeOrgs.aspx?SchemeId=26. EE in Birmingham comes very low in terms of the success or pass rate as been told by my friend who studied there between 05-09.

Help me choose EE offers in MEMS: Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham

Hi, It is not clear from your post that if Etching/Fabrication etc would be a requirement or only simulation is needed for this PhD. Personally, I do not like Glasgow as a city, been there during early 90s and lived in Maclay Hall near woodlands road and Kelvin Park. Left within 3 months and I hated the local Accent. I found Glasgow a terrible city littered with street begging and drug gangs. I been to Birmingham University to visit a mate doing PhD there and she is not very happy about the help received from her department and had been left alone to perform her research. I think she was in Engineering College.
Personally, I think that Leeds has far better + a professional research reputation. Go for Leeds(up)


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Research PHD programs?

For UK you can check this website (http://www.findaphd.com/) for any PhD advertisements. You did not make it clear where are you based in the world and where you have been looking for PhD courses.
From my experience funding is first dispersed internally. So sometimes it's best to contact university where you gained your previous degrees to see if there is anyone offering funding.

I could not travel to USA due to greater expenses but universities like UCLA, MIT are super institutes that offer far better research techniques than any UK based university (in my subject atleast)
I always follow people who are doing doctorate in American Universities. Most of the research work in UK universities in really crap as far as my discipline is concerned.

My faithful advice is always go through the supervisors research pages to see if there is any ongoing research work. Do not go for a supervisor who has not produced reasonable publications.
That sort of supervisor could prove as a liability which you would need to drag with you in order to become successful at a later stage..

World cup: Your opinions

With the match fixing issues in almost every form of game, I do not want to engage deeply with my heart in any international competition. But I remember in 90s I almost watched every game with passion including football and cricket. However, I might go through a few games just for Ladbrokes and Willhill.


Quote From pjlu:

Just an idea- On one of our (Australia's) university's postgraduate forums, I noticed that when people passed either their Masters or their PHd, they got a little thing below their avatar which said (in the case of a Master's) Master or Mistress of the Forum and I assume in the case of a Doctorate (Dr of the forum). I'm not sure though whether this was an automatic process or you clicked something on the avatar page to put it on, once you had graduated.

I thought it was really nice-one of the forum regulars had just passed her MA and the thesis was successful and the appellation just appeared-so the forum regulars could all congratulate her. The forum was for students of that Uni only though-I came across it by chance and was able to use it as a guest only.
Might be another thing that could be added as well, on top of the hall of fame which is a really nice idea as well.

But how will it be testified?


First of all 'Congratulations and wish you all the Best' If you really love that pic then you can write to the company who holds the copyright to get permission. But I think if you are not getting any commercial gain from using that picture then it would be absolutely fine. You can also cite that in the reference section as well...lol

Quitting a highly paid PhD

I was in similar situation when I started my PhD about 3 years ago. I took 14 months break from studies to concentrate on similar matters and also resolving issues related to a stressful married life. It is true that many scientists spend all their life concentrating on issues which they later regret in life. This is analytical way of life anyway, the natural phenomenon is too complicated to understand successfully with the current state of the art (perhaps mankind will never or maybe in afterlife). Even a small home fly is much cleverer than any of my algorithms... that take ages on a Quad core processor to execute and generate enough heat to keep my room's warmth.
We can forgive ourselves and justify our research understanding that we are only humans and cannot compete with supernatural forces of nature....

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