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Thread: 2ND Master is good?

16-Jul-17, 10:43
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posted about 4 months ago
Quote From Pjlu:
It looks really comprehensive Haluong. I'm not sure exactly how many points of credit you need for each unit...sometimes in Australia these vary and most likely internationally they do so as well. It does seem though that you have a dissertation included worth 21 points of your total of 180? (Around or just under 12% of your course?)

With this MSc, does your university outline future pathways on their webpage for this course? Usually they will indicate whether the dissertation or project might lead to a higher degree research pathway.

I am very sorry, though, I don't think I can say anything more that would be helpful. Perhaps though some others might know more or have experience that helps here. Best wishes, your posts read as if you are really passionate about this, best luck with it all.

Each unit has different credits...And the dissertation is only 21 credits out of 120, equivalent to 17.5%.
In the website, the university only mentioned that this program should boost professional profiles and "The strong background in economics and finance provided by this Master programme will further ease the preparation to the admission procedures to several international PhD programs in the areas of Finance and Economics for those students wishing to continue their career in the academic field."

Thank you so much Pjlu, I am in the process of working with the Embassy for this course but not sure that I will get the scholarship or not. I really want to do a PhD in my life so I will keep on going but I need a wiser choice. Do you think some master by research in Australia, or Mres, MPhil are better than this? Now I only want some master to improve my chance to be accepted by a PhD programs. Once again, thanks for your help!

Thread: 2ND Master is good?

16-Jul-17, 06:21
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posted about 4 months ago
@Pjlu: thank you for your quick reply. Here is the list of courseworks.

What do you think about this?

Study Plan


Advanced Macroeconomics
Advanced Microeconomics
Data Mining and Computational Statistics
Financial Investments
International Economic Law
Mathematical Methods and Modeling
Risk Assessment and Management
Time Series Analysis


Decision Theory and Behavioural Economics
Financial Markets and Financial Crises: A Historical Approach

Total number of common CFU : 66


Asset pricing
Financial Contracts
Money and Finance

Total number of CFU at the end of each curriculum: 84
Students must earn 12 CFU for elective activities. and 3 CFU by selecting an Internship/Stage.
The preparation of the finanl disseration consists of 21 CFU which completes the 180 CFU.

Thread: 2ND Master is good?

16-Jul-17, 05:52
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posted about 4 months ago
Hi guys,
I am a student from Vietnam. I have a Master of Art at a University in Italy, where I graduated in 2015...After studying this master, I found my interest in doing research. I applied for many universities for PhD (count like more or less 15 unis). In 2015, I was rejected by 4 unis, in 2016 by 4 unis, one uni put me in a waiting list (they got 3 candidates but I was ranked 4), in 2017 this time I was rejected by 7 unis, there is one uni in Spain offering a slot in their PhD but without scholarship. Finally, I found a very big problem in my application is that:
- my master degree is not an academic master, it is a professional master so there is one of the reasons why I was declined.

So I am thinking of taking another master, I got the admission by a MSc program, but I am not sure it will help me or not. I think that maybe a Mres or MPhil could be better? Or maybe I will apply for the Phd in the US where students may not need the master to enter the PhD.

I am not quite sure at the moment. I feel that I am willing to give up just because I am going to be 28 in October and I am an Asian girl, people push me a lot on marriage.It is quite pressure and I really want to have a generous scholarship to finance my study in case I will study further. The MSc I mentioned above may provide me 6000 euro per year plus tuition fee and one more thing, it does not contain many research components, just coursework. So could you please give me some ideas?
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