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Romantic Relationships Study; Participants Needed!

Done, good luck!:))

Online Study Group - Help

Count me in!
Where do you want to create the study group?

Windows 10

Will you need to pay for Windows 10 later? I'm currently using Windows 7 and I saw Windows 10 and I kinda liked it.... but I don't wanna pay for it later.
I'm poor enough as it is at the moment! :D

An App for PhD Students

Quote From Hugh:
This needs to be in an app format.

Yeah.... I want an app! XD
Does anyone have any suggestions for an app that is a chat and where you can add people/search for them via filter of your choice aka PhDs (and no, I am not quoting friends, for all those dirty-minded people! :D).

Quote From Zuyuan:
Maybe, most of the PhDs just want to share their feelings with their girl/boy friends.

Personally, I did share my feelings with my boyfriend (a drop-out PhD student, so understood what I was going through), because s*** hit the fan lol. Soooo now I'm stuck without a confidential anyone , who understand PhD pains! XO

An App for PhD Students

I think we'll all agree that most of us had felt stressed and lonely during a PhD. PhDs can often make you feel isolates and when things don't work or you're being criticised unjustly you want to burst into tears and give up. This site has helped me out, along with some other sites to see that I'm not the only one going through this!

There's a whole community that's struggling with coping! I then started using this app called - Chatous. Fair point to mention - most people are not there to chat....as I've sadly learnt...and especially about research!

So this is what I thought - wouldn't it be lovely to have such a place to log into and filter through people, who are feeling the same way at the time! Or you're using a technique and aren't sure how to do it, wouldn't it be great to not have to ask your supervisor and look like an idiot!! A semi-support network... and I yes, I realise I'm basically talking about a RESEARCH TINDER lol! XD

Let me know what you think or if such a thing already exists!!!

Cheers ;)

I need a study pal!

Hay! I need a study buddy too! XD I'm doing a biology-based degree between two different institutes in the UK and I'm being driven mad by my multiple supervisors disagreeing constantly. I can't socialise with people at the institutes properly as I'm never in one place!


Thank you, glowworm! I'm all over the place today unfortunately....Thank you for the advice!:)


Does anyone have any general advice on how deal with the PhD stress? I'm a second year PhD student in Biosciences and I just can't do it anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I had results in the beginning of my first year and now I have nothing. I can't even see a logical/ideal plan of my project anymore. I'm stressed as well cause I work part-time and I'm have problems at home. Admittedly, the problems are probably caused my me, as I'm constantly snapping at everyone... :(
I need a hobby/anything to do to de-stress, any advice? Something that's cheap and easy to pick up anytime? And don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of time on...