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ESRC funding criteria?

I'vebeen told by a friend at uni that the ESRC require a 1st at UG and aDistinction at PG before they'll consider funding a student's PhD - can anyoneconfirm/deny this? their website doesn't seem to address this.

Also,how do 'internal' funding systems work? is that again down to previous academic'grades' or is it more down to the research topic, supervisor availability,interest to the dept etc etc?



Living some distance from your PhD uni?

Thanks Pam, much appreciated :)

Whilsr doing the PhD, how often was it necessary to go 'in' to uni per week? per month?

Did you have to attend academic conferences at uni etc etc?

Thanks again

Living some distance from your PhD uni?

Hi all,

Considering doing a PhD in criminology after my MA and have already sounded out a university and supervisor with very positive feedback and been asked to apply.

Not knowing much about how the day to day mechanics of a PhD actually works I was wondering if it's workable to live approx 1 hour and 30 minutes from university and still undertake a successful PhD?

For those already doing a PhD - are you 'in' university every day? is it possible to 'work from home' (ie by researching using the university's online journal search database)?

Would it be possible to utliise the 'sconul' system and use more local university libraries to research at rather than physically going into uni every day?