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I want to quit, but will regre the work I've put in

I feel very similar, having no goal ahead and all the uncertainty that comes with it... I am trying to finish my phd, it is fully funded but then the question is if i were to quit, would i have to return all that money? I am trying to continue, telling myself it is just a little bit more here and a little bit more there but it generally feels like continuing the phd is equal to voluntarily putting myself into a virtual with no clear benefit of doing so. I hope you will find a way that suits you. I suppose in this kind of situation it is only you who has the right to make the decision. The thing is that there is no right or wrong decision. Yes, you've put up work into it but if you don't see that there is anything useful for you personally coming from it then you shouldn't dwell on what you've done but rather on what you want to do from this moment on.