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How do I know if I should leave my PhD?

Hi jxlx,

Your post really resonated with me. I am having very similar feelings regarding my PhD. I am also considering leaving my project as I do not feel a PhD is what I want to be doing anymore. I guess the thing that is helping me at the moment is talking to as many people as possible. People who understand what it is like to be in a PhD. For example, I have talked to a friend who is also doing a PhD at the moment, I am talking to a counsellor, my sister and an advisor (who is a neutral party to my PhD project). Also, getting an appointment with a career's advisor from your university will help you figure out what the alternatives are.

It is a very difficult decision; I have been weighing out my choices since March. I just started my third year of my 3-year biological sciences PhD and I still feel the same way as I did when I first had these thoughts. No one can make this decision but you, and it will probably be one of the most difficult decisions you will make, so take your time.